Harry Benjamin's Syndrome is not transgender!

Petition to have the intersex condition (DSD) known as Harry Benjamin Syndrome recognized as what it is: an intersex condition.

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Harry Benjamin's Syndrome (HBS) is an intersex condition (DSD) developed in the early stages of pregnancy affecting the process of sexual differentiation between male and female. This happens when the brain develops as a certain sex but the rest of the body takes on the physical characteristics of the opposite sex. The difference between this and most other intersex conditions is that there is no apparent evidence until much later after the baby is born or even as late as adolescence. Genetic etiology for this condition has been proved by very recent medical research.

Over 60 years of medical research regarding Transsexualism (modern HBS) specify that there is NO evidence whatsoever that any psychological or environmental factors cause Transsexualism-HBS. All of the medical research done to date indicates conclusively that physiological (neurological, genetic) factors are the sole cause of Transsexualism-HBS.

Transsexualism (HBS) is now regarded by the world's leading experts in the field as another of the many biological variations that occur in human sexual formation -an intersex condition- where the sex indicated by the phenotype and genotype is opposite the morphological sex of the brain. People with the condition of transsexualism (HBS) are therefore born with both male and female characteristics and, like many others with atypical sexual development, seek rehabilitation of their phenotype and endocrinology to accord with their dominant sexual identity; an identity which is determined by the structure of the brain. Transsexualism (HBS) is about being a particular sex, not doing it. It is also about recognising gender norms, not challenging them.

"Transsexuality" is a phenomenon that occurs in the animal kingdom (e.g. certain amphibious, birds, oysters) that consists of a change of natural sex in the species. Popularly, we apply it also to humans when speaking of people who "change their sex".  "Transsexuality" is a generic term that applies to all kinds of species and variations, while "Transsexualism" is a much more precise medical term, which we should use exclusively for people with the condition of Transsexualism - more  properly  defined  today  as  Harry Benjamin's Syndrome, as it follows the naming conventions of intersex conditions.

Therefore, Harry Benjamin's Syndrome should not be confused with transgenderism or transsexuality.

We the undersigned demand you full recognition of Harry Benjamin's Syndrome as a genuine inborn intersexual condition, not linked to transgenderism or transsexuality, as well as the removal of this condition from the psychiatric classification, in order to advance in the human and medical understanding and treatment of this condition world-wide.


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