Petition to make Diaper Discipline against the law

  • by: Stanley Thornton
  • recipient: Every State Senitor in the United States, and to the Leaders Of Countries Around The World

This Petition is to get a law passed that protects children from a form emotional and psycological abuse called "Diaper Discipline" that uses shame and embarrassment to get children to do what a parent requests. This form of abuse is done by forcing a child to wear a diaper and use it by locking the bathroom leaving the child no other option but to use the diaper. To wear only the diaper and a t-shirt while in-doors and sometimes sent to school in a diaper. Children are also made to sleep in a crib, sit in a play pen, suck on a pacifier until told otherwise, drink all liquids from a baby bottle and some parents purchase from online child-teen made size baby clothing to futher make them feel like a baby. If the child is small enough two toddler size disposable diapers are tapped end to end such as in the picture to make them feel even more infantile. The goal of this petition is to protect children from such tourture, and it is just that. It destroys a child's self-esteem and dignity. Please help make this abuse stop and sign the petition. Thank you.

     We The undersigned petition to seek protection for children from parents (or any other adult) forcing children to wear and use diapers who do not have a bladder or bowel condition. To make it against the law to force children past the age of 3 (Besides those who have the medical need for a crib or protective side rails) to sleep in a crib, to sit in a playpen, to suck on a pacifier, or to drink all liquids from a baby bottle past the age that would require the use of such items. A punishment called "Diaper Discipline".

      Diaper Discipline is a form of emotional and psychological abuse that uses shame and embarrassment to get a child to follow the parents directions/rules. Diaper Discipline is the forced use of diapers and baby items pasted the age of infancy and not for the need of a bladder or bowel control condition to cause the children to feel shame and embarrassment for a predetermined length of time. And sometimes used until the child able to obtain their own place of residence also known as "Lifestyle Diaper Discipline" with the intent that with it's use will prevent the child/children from breaking rules in the future.  

      Typically a child in diaper discipline has to hand over all pants, shorts or any other clothing that would be worn below the waist. While at home the child must wear only a diaper and a T-shirt. The bathroom door is locked while the child is in diaper discipline to force the child to go in their diapers. The child is told not to ask for a diaper change and is told that the parent will check them when the parent feels it's needed, and only change them when the parents feel the diaper needs to be changed. If the child asks for a change, the parents typically make the child wait a additional hour before changing the diaper. If the child removes their diapers during the punishment, the child is typically spanked until they agree to let the parents diaper them. Other parents purchase from online a pair of plastic pants with a small chain and pad lock sewn into the waist of the plastic pants which prevents the child from removing the plastic pants or diaper underneath.

Typically if available, the child is forced to sleep in a baby sized crib. And if they attempt to get out of the crib, some parents purchase Velcro restraints from the internet, use handcuffs or rope to secure the child's wrists, ankles and sometimes the waist to prevent the child from leaving the crib. Other times, the child is spanked several times for every time they attempt to climb out of the crib.

Other items used are play pens. When the child is placed in the play pen they are told not to leave the play pen unless told otherwise or they are spanked until the stop attempting to leave the play pen. Children who talk back typically have to have a pacifier in their mouths unless the parent(s) say otherwise. Typically all liquids given to the child must be drank from a baby's bottle.

Some children in diaper discipline are forced to go to school wearing a diaper. Some parent allow the child to pull down or remove the diaper to use the bathroom at school but must pull the diaper back up or put it back on after use of the restroom. Other children's school's are informed of the use of diapers and are told not to allow the student to use the bathroom and instruct the student to see the school nurse when the diaper is wet or messed in. The parents who send their children to school in diapers as a punishment use a long list of excuses from "my child has a urinary tract infection" to "my child has been sick lately and has been having accidents".

Those who have parents who choose to keep their children in diapers till they move out (AKA Lifestyle Diaper Discipline) are kept in only a diaper and t-shirt at home, sent to school in diapers and are treated like a baby and made to sleep in a crib, suck on a pacifier and drink liquids from baby bottles until they are able to move out into their own place. Parents using Lifestyle Diaper Discipline do so with the belief that it will prevent the child from having teen sex, fighting, doing drugs and so on. Most children in Lifestyle Diaper Discipline typically are encouraged to go whenever they feel the need with the goal to un-potty-train the child and make them truly diaper dependant as they were as a infant and have to be re-potty trained before leaving home.

Approximately 6 years ago there was a story in the news paper about a child about the age of 7 who's parents used diaper discipline on him for wetting the bed. The child's parents placed the child in only a diaper and a t-shirt in a play pen on the porch of their home. Children from the child's school saw the 7 year old dressed as a baby and made fun of him. The next day the whole school found out and the child was further made fun of. On the way home the boy jumped off a freeway overpass and was struck and killed with a car. The goal of having a law against the use of diapers and baby items as a punishment for bed wetting or breaking the rules given by adults is to not only protect children from such a harmful form of abuse and torture, but also to prevent children looking to suicide as a way out from such punishments.

There is a in depth article on diaper discipline located at:

        I have collected thousands of posts over the last 5 years from parents who post weekly updates about their use of diaper discipline as a punishment for children who bed wet and for things such as teen sex, low grades in school, coming home late, lying, stealing, talking back, not cleaning their room when asked and so on. One of the most disturbing is a post made by grandparents of a now 10 year old Andrew and 8 year old Leah who talked with the children's parents and decided to keep the two in diaper discipline (known as Lifestyle Diaper Discipline) until the children leave the home after age 18. Their post was made to the diaper discipline message board located at

        "I think everyone knows that we have had our grandchildren, Andrew, 8, and Leah (age 6) put into nappys(diapers) since December 23, 2008, on a permanent basis. I suppose u would say that they are more or less permanently diapered - although Andrew has exceptions because of sports commitments. Out of school time and on vacation both Andrew and Leah are almost always wearing nappys(diapers). Generally, during school time, Andrew is put into his nappy(diaper) after dinner at around 6.30 pm promptly for the night - unless he has sports trainining that evening then he mite not be diapered until about 8.00 pm for his bedtime. Andrew has quite a serious wetting problem although Leah stopped when age 4 - until we decided that its best she should be nappied (diapered) like Andrew. Leah on the other hand, has always proved rebellious and difficult with being put back into Pampers nappys - and she is put into her nappy as soon as she gets in from school - or by the latest 4:30pm. Her Mum Liz and Dad, Bob, have told us that Leah really acts up and gives her babysitter, Rebecca, 20, (our Son-in-law's(Bob) little sister) a hard time about being changed - whenever they go away for the night or weekend. Last Saturday night was crunch time, when Liz and Bob got home at 11:30pm and found Leah still out of bed and without her nappy on or even her nightdress. Rebecca explained Leah violently and totally resisted getting into her nappy and would not go or even get dressed for bed - even by 11.30pm. That night - Saturday the 26th of September 2009 got her first lick of the leather strap - it only took her Mom 3 strokes to get Leah to allow Rebecca to put her into her nappy and plastic pants and get her nightdress on. It is no longer a problem as Bob and Liz have received and fitted Leah's cot (crib) with velcro bed restraints that are also adaptable to a regular small child bed and that we can use when she is here - at mid-term break. regards Mick and Esther (strngstraps)."

     There is an urgent need to protect children from Diaper Discipline and Lifestyle Diaper Discipline.

      AND WHEREAS, the time has come to take measures to ensure that offenders who use Diaper Discipline and Lifestyle Diaper Discipline are held accountable for their actions. 

     Therefore, WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, respectfully petition to encourage a law to be made here in the United States, and encourage other countries to do the same, that makes the use of Diaper Discipline or Lifestyle Diaper Discipline (the use of diapers and or baby items as a punishment) against the law. That those who use it serve no less than 5 years in jail and their children be taken and placed in foster care or in a relatives home where they will be safe and protected from further child abuse including but not limited to Diaper Discipline or Lifestyle Diaper Discipline now and in the future. Children rights must be protected and their dignity and self-esteem preserved. Thank you for your time.

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