The Unemployed Need Not Apply

The Unemployed Need Not Apply and You MUST Be Disturbed By This!

Patricia Nixon (
Marc Johnson (

CNN Reports: Unemployed Need Not Apply

After reading the article above, you must find yourself sickened by this heinous and atrocious practice as many individuals have! Do you find this as reprehensible as we do?  The article uncovers a nasty little secret frequently being practiced during one of the most financially difficult times in modern history.  Respected companies many of us have supported or known of virtually all our lives including Sony Ericsson actively choose not to consider hiring from the vast pool of qualified unemployed candidates.  The Vice President of Adecco Group, the largest staffing firm in the world, admitted this requirement was brought up in 3 out of 4 of the last conversations he had regarding openings.  These may be companies you, your friends or family members may be applying to for jobs right now.

Do not believe this regards only high-level positions.  Latro Consulting was revealed doing the same thing when posting listings for grocery store managers throughout the Southeast.  So even if you have to take a lower-level job to support your family, keep a roof over your head and food on your table, you may also be discriminated against simply because you do not have a job.

We demand that the government we support with our taxes address this head-on.  All discrimination is ugly and this is no exception.  For those of you currently working, you, too, are carrying the weight of this burden.  For those families that are now struggling with the loss of an income their expenses have not decreased in proportion.  Some have to (or soon will) take advantage of discounted or free services just to stay afloat which we know comes out of the pockets of taxpayers struggling with their own finances.  We are losing our homes, our medical benefits, 401(k)s, savings accounts and the college funds of our children.  Unemployed members of our communities who are actively seeking work do not want to further burden the country they have been a backbone to for much of their lives.  Those who can and are willing to work must be allowed opportunities based on experience, credentials and willingness, especially now when many are victims of an economy they did not destroy.  We demand we not be further victimized nor discriminated against!  This country and its people simply cannot afford it!

When businesses fail to support America, America fails as a whole.  We ask you not to fail us now.  Please sign this petition which will be submitted to the White House, local politicians and other media outlets demanding laws be put into place or amended that actively and aggressively investigate, prevent and penalize this discrimination. 

All who participate in this petition can be assured of its delivery as all will be provided an electronic copy of the tracking number once it is sent.  At that time, you can send the form letter that will be provided stating your support and participation in this petition to your local government representatives if you so choose to take additional steps. 

Petitions have been used throughout the history of America to impel changes in laws and policies for the better of all.  We are aiming for 500,000 signatures minimum and we expect to exceed that goal.  Please join us!

And go one step further.  If every single person who signs this petition uses whatever forms of social media (s)he is currently using to spread the word it will add even more leverage behind this effort.  Tweet it, post it in your LinkedIn groups, email a friend, send a text message with the link to this petition.  Every effort will be appreciated.

Your contact information will not be used for any other reason going forward.  We want your support and firm alliance in this endeavor and nothing more. 

America cannot work when America cannot work!

We, the Petitioners, request that companies involved in the practice of denying qualified applicants consideration for positions based solely on the fact that they are currently unemployed be aggressively investigated, reprimanded and penalized and that laws be enhanced, or put into place to prevent this despicable practice in the future.

While companies are being offered tax breaks when hiring unemployed applicants, this still is not enough to sway them from participating in this practice.  The Vice President of Adecco Group, the largest staffing firm in the world, admitted this requirement was brought up in 3 out of 4 of the last conversations he had regarding openings.  This is unconscionable!

This is a concern for anyone who has worked in the United States of America and anyone who is fortunate enough to be currently employed.  

CNN Reports: Unemployed Need Not Apply

Marc Johnson ( and Patricia Nixon ( communicated in a LinkedIn group where they were made aware of the CNN article that brought about this petition.  Though they had never met, they decided to collaborate to create and promote this petition across America and the overwhelming number that participated by signing is evidence that as a group we intend to be heard! 

We are among the hundreds of thousands of people in America who are losing our homes, savings, healthcare benefits, 401(k)s and the college funds of our children.  Meanwhile unemployment runs out far too soon in these extreme circumstances, leaving scores of us, the capable and qualified, either homeless or on welfare. 

Companies that will not allow us the freedom to work must not benefit from perks, tax breaks and bailouts when they are essentially spearheading the obliteration of the American economy!

America cannot work when America cannot work!

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