Jane Doe: Stop Demonizing Men and Boys!

Each year Jane Doe Inc. promotes the 'White Ribbon Campaign' at which men, and only men, are encouraged to criticize themselves for so-called 'violence against women by men'.

This hateful and disingenuous event is based on the false premise that only men are violent when logic and common experience make it clear that both men and women are capable of and engage in violent acts. The 'White Ribbon Campaign' however promotes stereotypes and discrimination against men.

We ask the sponsors of 'White Ribbon' to insist on putting an end to this unjustified attack on men and boys.

Dear White Ribbon Campaign Sponsor,

We write regarding your participation in Jane Doe Inc's White Ribbon Campaign, an annual event for which you are listed as a sponsor, and our concern about the event’s demeaning message towards men and boys. Our hope is that you will engage Jane Doe Inc. regarding our concerns and help put a stop to this promotion of anti-male ideology.

Like most people in this country you were likely raised to believe that violence of any kind, against women, men or children by anyone is wrong and not to be tolerated. Why then, we ask, does the ‘ White Ribbon Campaign ’ fault only men for all violence? Jane Doe Inc.’s unsatisfactory answer to this question is found in their promotional material which unabashedly states that:

"men [and only men] need to step up and be part of the solution in ending men's violence against women."

Given the current deep well of media propaganda against men it is understandable that many take such assumptions for granted. It is deadly mistake, however, harmful to women and children as well as men and is based on such false and disingenuous assumptions as the following:

Jane Doe Inc. believes that we have:

"social values among males which support and foster violence against women."

This view of men, put simply, is ridiculed by most people, the vast majority of whom were raised by fathers who loved and respected women as their spouses and as mothers of their children and were taught that violence, especially against women, was not to be tolerated. In spite of this reality Jane Doe Inc. is a vocal proponent of legislation that keeps fathers out of their children's lives.

Jane Doe Inc. believes that:

'Violence against women, sometimes also referred to as gender-based violence, specifically perpetuates male power and control'

Although this view of men and women may be true in the animal kingdom it is a simplistic cartoon of complex human relations and emotions.

Jane Doe Inc. further states:

'The legacy of violence against women is tied to the history of women being viewed as property.'

Some people in this country were indeed considered property but it was based on race, not gender. Jane Doe’s trivializes a most tragic part of our history.

Jane Doe believes that violence:

'is perpetuated, fostered, and tolerated by institutional practices and social norms.'

Again, most people reject this notion particularly since there is no credible evidence to support the claim.

So the 'White Ribbon Campaign' of which you are a sponsor is really about blaming men, ignoring the reality and our common experience that both men and women are capable of and involved in violent acts (see link below for examples of violence against men ignored by Jane Doe Inc.). Rather than opposing all violence Jane Doe only focuses on men, a stance which leads to more harm against men, women and children.

Jane Doe Inc's website proclaims:

'The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that more than 90% of all domestic violence victims are female and that most abusers are male.'

Yet continued requests to Jane Doe Inc. to provide a source to this claim have gone unanswered. Conversations with the leadership in Jane Doe Inc, have shown that they are fully aware that studies on the issue of domestic violence vary widely and that reviews of such studies show that there is no consensus to support its position.

Jane Doe Inc. is associated with many organizations of good intent whose goals are to help those in need. In contrast, however, Jane Doe's main theme is simply to attack and demonize men, ignoring real opportunities to make positive contributions.

We have no doubt that as a 'White Ribbon' sponsor you have the best of motives. However, we suggest that you thoughtfully consider Jane Doe's hateful message against men and take an appropriate and moral action.

We ask you to engage Jane Doe Inc. about their opposition to legislation that puts the best interests of our children first, legislation that would stop our courts from taking custody away from fit and capable fathers.
If Jane Doe Inc. is incapable of addressing their hostility to fathers and children and of dealing honestly with all acts of violence, promoting concrete steps as part of their 'White Ribbon Campaign', it is incumbent upon you to withdraw your sponsorship of this event.

Please join us in speaking out against the Jane Doe Inc.'s demonizing of men and boys at their 'White Ribbon Campaign' event.

Acts of violence against men ignored by Jane Doe Inc. (Copy and paste link if necessary)

Register of women who have committed crimes against men.
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