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The sole purpose & Intent of the following petition is to bring upon a historical achievement and movement to bring upon a change to our government. A change by Lord Richard Rowe who wishes to campaign and petition for future presidency in America. Please sign the petition not for Lord Richard Rowe but for YOU & the future of your children. By signing the petition you are part of something bigger each and everyone of you.

Within the petition are some goals, purpose, achievement and perseverance. Not one soul in this country could ever laugh at a man for wanting to lead his children to an age of peace where everybody has a chance at living life to the fullest.

We ask you to keep a very openmind when signing this. Their is no winning their is no losing. Their is only moving forward as American is an opportunity for every man and woman. Each decision you make is a new outcome and just as all presidents have each individual is not perfect. However Lord Richard Rowe is a fair man who sees this and wants to make a difference.

Sign the petition and lets bring about change for 2012 Lord Richard Rowe on the ballet and for US President!


Click Here: Lord Richard Rowe 2012 Campaign Page

We The Undersigned & Friends,
I ask you sign this petition out of your hearts to elect me as a runner up in the 2012 Presidential Election. This would not only make me the youngest presidential candidate but also the most eccentric one. This would be a historical achievement in this country bringing upon unity of its people.
Nowhere in the presidential history has their ever been a common man without a college, political career, military service or non corporate delegate when you look back at our history. This petition ensures Lord Richard Rowe a spot on the presidential ballet for 2012. We feel this would be a way to unite the American people give them hope and just as any president we will let the voices of the people speak in 2012 when its time to vote.   Lord Richard Rowe is a Father, Friend, Leader, Freedom Advocate, Paranormal Extreme Adventurer, Explorer, Talk Show Host, Comedian, Author, Founder of The Paranormal & Ghost Society, Theory Conpiracist, Spiritualist, & Motivational Speaker.
By signing this petition you agree that you would like to consider Lord Richard Rowe as your future presidential candidate but not as your leader but as a friend one American at a time.   By Signing this petition you are telling the Mother which we call America that you wish to see a common man represent the voice of the people not a corporation owner or a man of wealth. But a common man who has been a victim of America's Harshness due to policies like the Patriot Act, Police Corruption, State Discrimination etc etc. A candidate that will make things right and change history as we see it!   By Signing this petition you are telling the US Government to put all discrimination, stereotyping and all bias views aside so that Lord Richard Rowe can have a fair equal election just as the next man or woman in the 2012 campaign. Also for him to be added to the presidential ballet despite his life of poverty and obstacles which is an inspiration to all the American People.   By Signing this petition you are supporting out movement of Truth, Freedom & Simpler living. Remember when it did not put you in debt just to take your family on a picnic to the lake? These are the days Lord Richard Rowe wishes to bring back. A time of peace, love and not war. Lord Richard Rowe has a vision we are asking you to support it be a part of history and this movement.   This country needs a Lord someone to make decisions based on what they have seen, felt, and experienced. Being president should not take wealth or having a military career. In all due reality experience has nothing to do with using your heart to make good decisions which effect our futures and even other countries in the process. Being a president should not be based on your own ideals but a fathers children and his friends which are fellow Americans.   This country for many years has been our home like a mother but what it has missed for so many years is a father to liberate it and concentrate on his children of America. Previous presidents based their ideals around religion, military might, and their own views. As an American I want to base my policies on the people to create a more free society or rather utopia for our children of the future. Political policies should not revolve around morals or god but rather freedom without judgement! You are an American not a criminal your forefathers fought hard so that centuries down the road those freedoms were kept in place unfortunately today they are NOT! Let me fix that and lets work towards a better future for America itself!   Lord Richard Rowe as president wants to lower the Senior citizen age, cheaper energy, revitalize the space program internationally as a source of world peace, crack down on CPS and Police corruption, legalize marijuana but tax it to stimulate the economy, cut down on drunk driving, strengthen our coast lines, start a children's fund, make peace with the native American people who lost their lands the last two centuries, nullify unnecessary laws, four weeks paid vacation for factory workers, single parent benefits, stop the slaughter of cats and dogs at shelters, sanction countries raising oil prices, pull American troops out of all countries which will cut down billions of dollars, cancer and stem cell funding, nullification of the US Patriot Act, Welfare Reform so no family goes hungry, exposing the 911 and other conspiracies and many more policies which give Americans MORE Freedom!   Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing our petition. All you have to do is  
When you sign this petition you are believing in Lord Richard Rowe and telling Legislation, Congress, The House Of Representatives, The Press, Senate, Lobbyist, and Other Americans that you want Lord Richard Rowe on the ballet for the 2012 campaign!
You ask yourself why? Because Lord Richard Rowe is an American!

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Click Here: Lord Richard Rowe 2012 Campaign Page
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