Medical Marijuana in Florida


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It is time for patients in Florida to have a right to use Marijuana for Medicinal purposes.
This campaign was started by People United for Medical Marijuana to get medical marijuana on the 2010 Florida ballot.
Everyone needs to make sure they sign the official petition, which can be downloaded from
We all also need to let our representatives know that it is time for Florida to become a medical marijuana state!

Please make sure you personalize your letter.  Share a story if you have one.

Make sure you do your part and make this effort viral and subliminal!!  This will not happen without effort from all of us!

An overwhelming number of supports in polls across the state have shown that the people of Florida want to give their doctors the decision on what is best for their medical needs. &nbsp;Currently patients in Florida can't even discuss the issue of whether marijuana is medicine because we have set up our laws in a manner in which prevents compassion for our patients. There are over 60 active compounds in marijuana that provide medical benefits to its users, we have no medicine on the market that can even compare to the benefits of marijuana without the harmful side effects. &nbsp; Give our patients the right to vaporize or eat or drink their medicine. On September 7, 2000, U.S. District Judge William Alsup ruled in&nbsp;<em>Conant v. McCaffrey</em>&nbsp;that federal authorities may not sanction doctors who recommend marijuana to patients, yet Florida has not allowed patients the right to talk to their doctors. This is not an effort to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, this is an effort to bring compassion to our patients in suffering. &nbsp;Patients should not be made criminals for using a plant that offers them the medical benefits the plant has to offer, without all the harmful side effects that many of our pharmaceuticals have. We trust our doctors to make our medical decisions. &nbsp;That is why they go to school for 8 years or more. &nbsp;Give us the right to discuss all medical options with our doctor. &nbsp;If we feel their diagnosis is erred, we will seek a second opinion. &nbsp;If they feel marijuana is not the best treatment option for us, they won't give it to us. &nbsp;This is a medical decision, not a criminal one. "The Florida Medical Association urge the state and federal governments and U.S. Public Health Service to open limited access to medical marijuana by reopening the investigational new drug program to new applicants." <b>&nbsp;</b><em>FMA Resolution #97-61: adopted June 1997</em><em></em><em><b> </b>"Recommendations for care: The state should facilitate greater access to drug therapies for treatment as well as preventive therapy. This should include access to marijuana when medically indicated." &nbsp;Florida Governor's Red Ribbon Panel on AIDS&nbsp;<em>Florida Governor's Report: January 1993</em></em><em> </em><em><em></em> </em>What if one of your loved ones had to make the choice between their life and the law? Our President of the United States, and the Drug Enforcement Agency are leaving this decision to the states, now is the time to bring compassion to the state of Florida. &nbsp;I urge you to initiate and support a statewide medical marijuana program for the state of Florida.
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