Tina's Bill Proposal requires all dentists that the state allows to continue practicing while on probation to give each patient at the place of treatment a sheet explaining he/she is on probation and the reasons for that probation, have the patient or parent or guardian sign for it, and have the signed statement put in the patient chart file http://www.10news.com/team-10-finds-some-dentists-hurt-patients-yet-keep-licenses02112013  http://www.10news.com/news/investigations/team-10-finds-some-dentists-hurt-patients-yet-keep-licenses02112013 1:52:18 is the time of the testimony on this video http://www.calchannel.com/channel/viewvideo/2131%20www.calchannel.com

We the undersigned have a right to know at the place of treatment if our dentist is on probation, being disciplined for non compliant conduct, has a history of harming patients, is insured or committed infractions of the law. Before we agree to sign an Informed Consent document with any practicing and licensed dentist the licensing and protective agencies owe consumers accurate information about the licensing status of its licensee. The most valuable information owed to consumers at the place of treatment about a dentist is whether or not they have a history of reckless, negligent or fraudulent conduct - conduct Probationer Dentists are being disciplined for that impose the increased risk of this non compliant conduct repeating on unsuspecting patients.

Discovering a dentist is a Probationer Dentist after patients have agreed to irreversible procedures and after we sign an Informed Consent document is unacceptable. The Dental Board's ability to provide information and education about its licensees at the place of treatment prior to agreeing to treatment is possible, available. Facts about any risks related to a suggested treatment plan are owed to consumers of dental services and consumers should not labor to obtain the information about its non compliant licensees.  If our dentist is conditionally licensed with a revocation/stay consumers deserve to know this fact at the place of treatment and we are offended when this vital information - important to all dental patients - is concealed to protect reputations of licensees or those charged with a duty to competently license dentists in the interest of public safety.

The mouth is the most integral part of the anatomy to sustain life and investing in dental services is a serious issue. Consumers and patients must have the right to choose a dentist and avoid licensees being disciplined for non compliant and harmful conduct. Supressing and/or omitting vital information important to dental patients is unlawful. The Dental Board website posting of a licensee's status and conduct is not promised to be accurate or correct which further imposes increased risk that consumers of dental services may be deceived when choosing a dentist based on the information provided on a website. A fact sheet at the dental office won't cost the state a dime but may prevent permanent and irreversible damage to a patient.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.

Update #13 years ago
There are more states recognizing how inadequate the information that is provided to consumers of dental/medical services actually is. Before signing an Informed Consent Document every patient should be informed at the place of treatment about the established history of harmful conduct or violations our dentist/doctor is being disciplined by the licensing boards. Demand to know this information prior to signing an Informed Consent Document.
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