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Overview:  Children in many schools are being fed a chemical stew of foodless foods, but there are simple, inexpensive options available (see  Pressure from the community can force your school board to reform the sorry conditions in their cafeterias.  The result will not only be healthier children, but it has been demonstrated that test scores will rise, discipline problems will decrease, and the cost of educating children will be reduced.*
* It costs about $10,000 per year to educate one child in American schools; for the student needing special services, that cost can double.  When schools have provided healthy food, the number of children needing special services has dropped significantly.

Dear Friend,
America's children are plagued with behavior problems, learning problems and health problems. While there are many causes, none is more fundamental than the dreadful food they are eating; and few foods are worse than those being served in most school cafeterias.
Schools first began to provide food to children because so many of them were malnourished. What started out as a solution has become a major problem, and today many American children suffer from malnutrition, despite the fact that they have plenty to eat.
It's not just that Department of Agriculture regulations allow French fries to be considered a vegetable, or that milk is loaded with sugars, dyes and artificial flavoring. But much of what is being served isn't actually food. Take a look at the introductory slide show at to see what is really in that chemical stew.

This information is drawn from the school lunch program in Fairfax County, Virginia-one of the wealthiest communities in the country. But switching to real food does not need to cost more; in fact schools can save a great deal of money by bringing back the old fashioned real food that was once provided to children in the United States and is being given to children in many other countries.

For over 30 years the non-profit Feingold Association has shown people how food is linked to behavior, learning and health. What's more, when schools improve food, test scores go up, discipline problems go down and fewer children require special services, which can double the cost per child. 

If you would like to add your voice to bring a halt to this nutritional abuse, please sign our petition and pass it along to your neighbors who also want to see things change.

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