Release Primates in Captivity, Send Them to Sanctuaries

A BUAV investigation has obtained secret film and other evidence of monkeys shipped around the world by major passenger airlines. We can reveal shipments of monkeys transported by Air France to Covance in the USA and Centre de Primatologie in France and by Vietnam Airlines for Belgrave Services, a primate dealer in the UK. Other major passenger airlines to play a role in the brutal trade in primates for research include Air Canada which ships monkeys from countries such as China to laboratories in Canada and both China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, which fly monkeys to the USA.

Secret film obtained by the BUAV shows rows of small crates, each containing a monkey, stacked on top of each other on cargo trolleys, waiting to be loaded into the holds of Air France and Vietnam Airlines aircraft.

They are bound by metal collars as they endure painful tests. Many animals are suffering at the hands of ignorant people, constantly testing on them & causing them much pain and agony. please free them all and stop the use of all animals in labs & shut them all down from ever being allowed to operate again. This is cruelty at the highest level imaginable.

Primate Cargo Cruelty

Along with national and international campaign partners and a number of other expert organisations, CAPS submitted evidence in January 2014 to the Government inquiry on whether the keeping of primates as pets in this country should be banned. A strong call has been made by leading groups such as the Born Free Foundation, Humane Society International, the RSPCA, primate sanctuary Wild Futures and the British Veterinary Association to see the trade in and keeping of monkeys and other non-human primates prohibited; this call is supported wholeheartedly by CAPS.

Call to ban the primate pet trade: Because your house will never be their home

Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture
Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior,
Lisa Jackson, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
Carol Browner, White House energy and environmental policy tsar
Nancy Sutley, White House council on environmental quality

We the Undersigned urge all of you to please stop the use of all testing on every animal, domestic and wild. please release the primates from their agonizing life in research facilities and bring them to Sanctuaries.

“This is a cause close to my heart as I have been involved in primate rescue, rehabilitation and conservation for the last decade. Having cared for orphans of the bush meat trade and ex-lab monkeys in South America and ex-pet monkeys here in the UK, there is no question in my mind that these animals suffer immensely when denied the opportunity to live in their natural homes, with their families and thrive without human intervention. Damage caused to primates kept as pets is not just physical, but emotional and psychological. Sometimes that damage cannot be undone, even after years of rehabilitation. It is vital that we ban the keeping of primates as pets in this country to prevent further suffering

This is a cruel injustice to them, and not only should the people responsible for this go to jail but also pay a high price for what they have allowed to happen to these animals. As you protect the freedom of people I think its about time to give them their freedom they are innocent & do not deserve this life of pain & suffering, they cry out in pain & I am pleading for their release please do not let them endure this any longer.
We Thank You For Your Co-Operation

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