Remove Palm Oil from Cadbury chocolate.

Cadbury have long been a household favourite throughout New Zealand, even recently being voted NZ's most trusted brand last. Unfortunately they rapidly dishonoured this title with the introduction of Palm Oil into their
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Palm Oil is labelled as Vegetable Fat on their chocolate labels. It decreases the quality and pleasant taste of the chocolate, it is higher in saturated fat, and the Palm Oil industry is one of the leading causes of deforestation in Indonesia.
Orangutans are on the brink of extinction due to this industry. Both the Bornean and Sumatran subspecies will be extinct in 12 years unless the slash and burn of rainforests to create Palm Oil plantations is slowed. Countless other endangered plants, animals and local people are also suffering.
Many responsible companies are looking for ways to decrease their use of Palm Oil due to the difficulty in finding a truly sustainable source.
It has been shocking to countless numbers of Cadbury fans to find that Cadbury have gone the opposite direction and increased their usage!
Although Cadbury claim to be using  Sustainable Palm Oil we question this claim as they have yet to back it up with details and proof.
They justify their use of this product by touting their membership of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) but as yet being on the RSPO does not require any commitment other than paying a fee.
There are a number of companies that belong to the RSPO who continue to destroy rainforest while using their membership as a cover.
Cadbury has the ability to become pioneers and lead the way for other global corporations by expending the extra effort and money required to make positive changes.
Cadbury - we implore you to remove Palm Oil from your NZ chocolate products.  We will boycott your products as long as they contain Palm Oil that is not 100% CSPO.
We the undersigned are against the addition of Palm Oil to your NZ chocolate. We believe it not only tastes bad, but we are aware of the environmental devastation occurring in Indonesia due to the Palm Oil industry.
We will be boycotting all your products (and associated brands that you own) until you remove Palm Oil.
One of our closest relatives, the Orangutan will be extinct in the wild in 12 years if companies such as yourself don't take action and ensure they are operating in an environmentally friendly manner.
Please listen to your customers - you used to be a household favourite in NZ, but now are becoming the paraiah of the chocolate brands.
Live up to your reputation as New Zealand's most trusted brand by earning that trust back and removing the Palm Oil from your chocolate.
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