Help Stop Methadone & Rx Deaths and abuse

Section I

Introduction to the Dangers of Toxic Drugs, i.e., Methadone. The single most important factor of any drug is its margin of safety. Methadone is a Dangerous and Potentially Fatal Drug that is beginning to affect our country in epidemic proportions. Methadones clandestine toxic properties build up quickly and can rapidly become fatal, rendering the patient unable to help himself and unaware of the danger presented.
Section II
Establishing the Protection of patient rights by Right to Know, Full Disclosure to protect the safety and welfare of patients unaware of potentially hazardous and toxic drugs. The Physician and Pharmacist should be mandated to disclose any and all available information on a prescribing drug and waivers should be signed stated that the hazards have been fully explained and accepted by the patient stating that full disclosure of a drugs safety has been provided and documented, both the physician and patient should sign; as well as the patient and pharmacist at the dispensing pharmacy. All drugs of potential lethality should especially be thoroughly explained to the patient and benefits outweigh the risk of death, this must be documented and signed by the patient and physician. Should the patient refuse and ask for a safer alternative medication, it should be mandated that their can be no repercussions from the physician for refusing the medication.

Section III

  Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Medical Assistants, Nurses, Pharmacist, and Clinical Personnel should receive additional training and continuing education on medications that pose a special risk of lethality and toxicity, drugs that have potential for lethality and toxic plasma concentrations within a relatively short time or after only a small dose. This training should be documented and presented to a patient upon request and training should be on an ongoing basis.

Section IV

  National Medical/Patient Adverse Drug Safety Database Immediate Posting of Potential Lethal Drugs-Immediate share capability across the country. These services should be provided free of charge to the public. 

Section V 

  Public Education and Awareness into communities, clinics, offices, schools, hospitals, and public libraries to increase the awareness and potentially toxic drugs and drug combinations. This should be through all media outlets available radio, newspaper, school programs, community programs, outreach, handouts, internet ads, mandatory drug company distribution, etc.

Section VI

 DEA compliance issues and more easy accessibility to physician offices, clinics, hospitals, and greater enforcement powers in jurisdictions with higher incidence of diversion. Tougher criminal penalties for diversion should also be investigated.

Section VII

 Patients at risk with preexisting cardio-pulmonary conditions or patients predisposed to conditions such as Long QT Syndrome should be extensively tested and approved for use of cardio-pulmonary toxic drugs by specialist in their respective fields prior to prescribing drugs in this category.

Section VIII

  Full Congressional Investigation and appointment of the Attorney General to investigate the patterns of Pharmaceutical Companies and their extent of prior knowledge of drug safety issues and failure to report these issues and safety concerns. Mandatory ruling that drug companies must sponsor ongoing research and studies for drug safety with an independent source of investigation. Drug companies should face criminal penalties if they do not comply or failure to report preexisting knowledge of a dangerous drug.

Section IX

 FDA giving more control and proactive role in it's responsibilities to overall margins of drug safety issues. FDA should be given more scope of authority in the event of fatal drug reactions. Establish guidelines to reduce the impact of Pharmaceutical Companies influence on the FDA and establish a mandatory reporting system that mandates the Senators, Congressman, and Physicians to disclose any compensation or gifts provided to them from Pharmaceutical Companies as an incentive to offer their products.

Section X

  Establish Methadone Detoxification Programs in lieu of MMT. Offer alternatives and other therapies.

Section XI 

 Limit the use of Government subsidized payments for services such as MMT, i.e. Medicaid. Use a workable timeline to detoxify and then sever payment from any subsidy for any further treatment for any noncompliant patient or after an extensive timeline has expired. Payments should only be made to work the patient through detoxification and not to maintain the patient on any medication for an extended period...

Section XII

  Establish Limited Use Only Guidelines for Use of methadone in the practice of pain management. Methadone should be the Drug of last resort with careful monitoring of the patient and blood plasma levels would be required, often, this would also assure a constant steady rate blood level and show methadone was not being diverted. Limited number of medication should also be instituted and medication given in smaller increments pending outcomes of drug test and plasma concentrations when using Methadone for pain control.
Section XIII
Outlaw all internet sales of Schedule II & III narcotics.

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  We the undersigned of this country will no longer take a back seat to the epidemic that has swept our nation, prescription addiction and deaths. Drug companies can no longer have the power and influence over Washington and Federal Agencies. They must be held accountable when minimizing a drugs lethal qualities and be forced to remove a drug that is responsible for a multitude of deaths. Legalized drug dealing is not an acceptable practice and those supporting this act must stop, to include such agencies as SAMHSA/CSAT, FDA and DEA.
   Many innocent lives are being lost daily due to lethal drugs being produced and distributed in this country. Accessability is the first step in reducing this problem. Instead the market has been flooded with dangerous drugs and no attempts are being made to reduce this problem. Corporate drug companies and doctors are being protected as acts of diversion increase. We are creating more drug addicts then have previously existed only to place then on another highly addictive, deadly narcotic and call it therapy.
    Although these drugs are legally manufactured and distributed, addiction is still addiction and death is the final outcome. Methadone is killing people who are not abusing it and taking it as prescribed, yet nothing is being done. These are human beings who deserve better from a country they admire and trust. Devotion should be to the American people not the doctors and drug companies. In some cases their getting by with murder, and it is all being ignored.
     Please help make these changes before it happens to another victim or even someone you love.
     Thanking you in advance for your time and hopefully future efforts in stopping this epidemic of OxyContin, Methadone deaths and addiction.
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