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  • recipient: Animal Welfare Organizations in Poland, European Union and USA, European Commission Branch responsible for Animal Welfare Funds, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM; Polish Embassy Officials throughout the European Union and the United States, Pres. EU Comm.: J.M. BARROSO

The IMAGES in these photos speak volumes - more than the words we could ever place on this paper - our people's hearts and consciences are wounded by the constant images of such unforgivable ACTS OF CRUELTY against these innocent and loving creatures considered man's best friends. Our struggles with the Polish Officials produce empty promises and we feel we have no other recourse except to Appeal to YOU for HELP.


Due to the constant brutalization and cruelty that is occurring on a daily basis in our" so-called" dog shelters in Poland, we appeal to the people of all the nations of the European Union who provide funding to these institutions, United States and other nations of the world to help us in our struggle to bring about a sense of humanity in the treatment of our animals. It is unfortunate that those of us who try to step in and make a difference are met with constant opposition, at times, brute physical force by the staff of the shelter while those in the highest political offices of cities where this type of brutality is occurring consistently display total indifference. In fact, in the face of concrete evidence and documentation taken directly from their shelter; they have displayed nothing but arrogance and attempt to deny that these things ever occurred in their shelter. One of these shelters, in the CITY OF KIELCE, POLAND, is a constant reminder of this brutality and exemplifies inhumanity at its worst. Unfortunately, these practices appear to be legally condoned by the authorities at the highest level of the government of this city.

In KIELCE we have documented shocking pictures of dogs lying like a heap of bare bones, dogs with gaping wounds and pieces of flesh missing from their sides, their ribs exposed and broken. Puppies eaten alive by desperation and starvation of others. Still others dying an agonizing, slow death while foaming at the mouth and trembling. Many are routinely kicked and beaten to death by impatient staff. While some are simply bitten to death in a struggle for survival in a place where survival is momentary. We have witnessed here in KIELCE the worst of humanity because in truth it is mankind's decision which determined these dogs's ultimate fate.

Having approached the Authorities of the City of Kielce in an attempt to try and bring about change, we were met with total agreement and promises. In REALITY our efforts proved to be totally in vain as the meeting and the empty words of the city officials in Kielce turned out to be just EMPTY PROMISES.

It is very difficult for us in Poland to break these barriers and make these people held accountable for their actions in allowing such mass massacre of our animals to continue. We feel we have no choice but to appeal to all who have a conscience to help us break these barriers of INDIFFERENCE AND DIREGARD for the suffering of those who cannot speak or cry out to us. We are no longer a nation alone, we are part of the European Union with rights to democratic values and standards. Therefore we want to be heard.

It is our MISSION to send a CLEAR MESSAGE that TORTURE AND MASSACRE of the animals in our country can NO LONGER BE TOLERATED AND IGNORED AND UNOFFICIALLY LEGALIZED BY THE INDIFFERENCE on the part of the authorities in charge. KILLING dogs by methods of systematic starvation, beatings and providing no medical treatment is NOT AN ACCEPTABLE form of controlling the homeless population of unwanted animals in a country that is part of the EUROPEAN UNION. The ULTIMATE HUMANE SOLUTION lies in SPAY AND NEUTER PROGRAMS.

We are making every EFFORT to create a PRECEDENT in our country and show the world that POLAND will no longer tolerate nor accept excuses for animals abuse within its borders. Our shelters need to be in line with the Directives specified in the European Union Protocol on Animal Protection. We admit that we cannot handle this alone and appeal to all who can help. We will be grateful for the smallest acts of kindness on behalf of our animals.

Our PLEA to YOU: Please HELP us in our HOUR OF NEED to bring about change in Poland. PLEASE write letters to our highest ranking Polish Officials. We would ask you to please write a letter instead of just a petition as we know that this is a more personal gesture on behalf of our cause and would have a greater impact. It does not need to be longAt the bottom of this page are the e-mails of the highest officials of our government. The President of the CITY OF KIELCE has made it quite clear that he has not intention to change anything and has had numerous opportunities to do so. Perhaps our appeals to you and your letters will make this person and others like him understand that torture and massacre of animals is something that will be stopped.. The SHELTER IN KIELCE is a stain on Poland's conscience and our Silence would be a sign of Passive Acceptance.

Please pass this e-mail everywhere possible including the media. Any press, radio, television and worldwide internet coverage would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to view the reportage about the Shelter in Kielce please click the below link:,reportaze,gehenna_zwierzat_1,wideo_detal.html


    * President of Poland: Kancelaria Prezydenta Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej Bronis?awa Komorowskiego
      ul. Wiejska 10, 00-902 Warszawa, POLAND
    * Prime Minister of Poland, Mr Donald Tusk
      Al. Ujazdowskie 1/3, 00-583 Warszawa, POLAND
    * General Veterinary Inspectorate, G?%uFFFDwny Inspektorat Weterynarii
      ul. Wsp%uFFFDlna 30, 00-930 Warszawa, POLAND
    * General Veterinarian, G?%uFFFDwny Lekarz Weterynarii
      Mr Janusz Zwia;zek, ul. Wsp%uFFFDlna 30, 00-930 Warszawa, POLAND
    * Wojew%uFFFDdzki Lekarz Weterynarii, Mr Bogdan Konopka
      ul. Piotra S'ciegiennego 205, 25-116 Kielce, POLAND
    * District Veterinary Inspectorate in Kielce, Powiatowa Inspekcja Weterynaryjna w Kielcach
      S'ciegiennego 203, 25-116 Kielce, POLAND
    * Prokuratura Generalna
    * Prokurator Generalny Andrzej Seremet, Prokuratura Generalna
      ul. Barska 28/30, 02-315 Warszawa, POLAND
    * Pe?nomocnik do Spraw Zwierza;t przy Prezydencie RP Karina Szwerzler,
    * Karina Schwerzler Biuro Lobbingu Prozwierze;cego
      ul. Nowy S'wiat 26/8 00-373 Warszawa, POLAND
    * Najwyz.sza Izba Kontroli
      ul. Filtrowa 57, Skr. poczt. P-14, 00-950 Warszawa
    * Sekretariat Prezydenta, Urza;d Miasta Kielce
      ul. Rynek 1, Kielce, Strycharska 6, Kielce,
    * Urza;d Miasta Kielce
      ul. Rynek 1, Kielce, Strycharska 6, Kielce,
    * Wojewoda S'wie;torzyski, Ms Boz.entyna Pa?ka-Koruba, S'wie;tokrzyski Urza;d Wojew%uFFFDdzki
      IX Wiek%uFFFDw Kielc 3, 25-516 Kielce, POLAND
    * Biuro Poselskie Europose? Joanny Senyszyn
      ul. Zgoda 8/404, 81-361 Gdynia, POLAND,
    * Biuro Poselskie Pos?a Konstantego Miodowicza
      ul. Z.elazna 43, 25-014 Kielce, POLAND i ul. Plac Zwycie;stwa 24, 28-100 Busko Zdr%uFFFDj, POLAND
    * Biuro Poselskie Pos?a Paw?a Suskiego
      ul. Ksie;dza Doman'skiego 11, 78-600 Wa?cz, POLAND

We are their voice, their call for respect, love and a peaceful place on the Earth

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