Stop All Drive Hunts! (Whales and Dolphins)

  • by: Jade Owen
  • target: (Peruvian Government Skype: ongeiongei    ) ( Solomon Islands Government)  ( Faroe Islands government  ) ( 
Can't you see that picture?
Are you proud of your people ?
We aren't they are discusting murderous evil barbarians!
How can you condone this?
If you were there would you stop the men as they raised their weapons?
How can you let them bring those hooks ect swishing down to rip through those innocent creatures?
Can you not see the evil in their eyes, the enjoyment?
What dont you understand?

It is wrong and everyone knows it!
Shame on your country!

I would like to say how much distress finding this information and writing it has caused me, and would therefore greatly appreciate it if you could read this and take my plea seriously.

This will be sent to the governments of:
Faroe Islands
Solomons Islands
And peru

We the undersigned Want To Stop all drive Hunts!

For all species of Dolphin and Whales.

In Japan,The Solomon Islands, The Faroe Islands.

And we want the law More enforced in Peru.

We are aware that a more humane killing method has been introduced in Japan but this is not good enough!

There is no compromise with life and death!

We want a law where there is no loop holes, we want no Dolphin or whale killed anywhere.

Please read below to see for yourselves why this needs to be stopped, its vicious, if those men are capable of these vicious murderous hunts, then they are murderers just like human murderers! Do you want them walking the streets, i dont want to be on the same planet never mind the same street!

The hunting is done by a select group of fisherman. When a pod of dolphins has been spotted, they are driven into a bay by the fisherman by banging metal rods or stones in the water to scare and confuse the dolphins. When the dolphins are in the bay, it is quickly closed off with nets so that the dolphins can't escape. The dolphins are usually not caught and killed immediately, but instead left to calm over night. The following day, the dolphins are caught one by one and killed. Those that have remained too far in the water are dragged onto the beach by driving a steel hook into the blubber of the animal, though they are more often dragged by putting a hook in their blowhole. When on land, they are killed by cutting down to the major arteries and spinal cord at the neck. The time it takes for the dolphins to die varies from a few seconds to a few minutes usually, depending on the cut. Though many fisherman stab the dolphins to death with spears in shallow waters. The killing of the animals used to be done by slitting their throats, but the Japanese government banned this method and now dolphins can only be killed  by driving a metal pin into the neck of the dolphin, which causes them to die within seconds, it is questionable whether this law is being enforced, because many times, since the ban, have been reported when they where still using the slitting of the throat methods. Also you cannot go to see whether they are abiding by the laws, because it is now common for the final slaughter to take place inside a tent or under a plastic cover, out of sight from the public

 They are even hiding what they are doing because they even know it is wrong!!

In Peru, even though it is illegal they catch the dolphins, then they are driven together with boats, and encircled with nets, then they are harpooned, dragged to the boat, and then clubbed to death if they are still alive.


Different countries kill different species:

In Japan, Striped, Spotted,Rrisso's and Bottlenose Dolphins are most commonly hunted, but several other species such as the Falsekiller whale are also occasionally caught. A small number of Orcas( Killer Whale) are murdered too.

Solomon Islands murder Spotted and Spinner Dolphins.

The capture and trade of wild Doplhins is prohibited in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands!


On the Faroe Islands mainly Pilot whales are killed by drive hunts. Though officially this is the only species hunted, other species are also slaughtered on rare occasions such as the Northern Bottlenose whale and Atlantic White-sided Dolphins.

Thank you for your time
Jade Owen
We the Undersigned are outraged to find out that this barbaric behavior is being defended and is legal in your country.
We urge you to prohibit this practice! And stop bringing shame to your country.
We want to stop all drive hunts, for all species of dolphins and whales.
In the following countries:
Japan, The Solomon Islands, the Faroe Island, And we want the law properely enforced in Peru.
We are aware that in certain places a more humane method of murder has been introduced but we feel that this is not good enough. As there is no compromise when it comes to murder!
Dolphins and whales are clubbed to death in some cases can you even start to imagine how that would feel.
We do not own the earth, we humans are here to share this earth as every other living creature is, We shouldnt have a right to murder or take another creatures life.
Your country can find other ways of earning money other than through slaughtering animals, like tourism.
There is no need for this to be happening!
Please stop This barbaric behaviour, we dont want people like those people who would do something like that on our planet!
Thank you for your time
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