• by: Jade Owen
  • target: Animal welfare team  defra  area 8b  9 mill bank  london      and    U.S. House of Representatives
Does that picture look 'humane' to you? An idiot of a man teaching his child to be like that?? How Discusting!!
How could you do that, bring a child up to show no compassion towards animals, he will never feel love towards animals, that beautiful part of life has been taken away from this child, in such a vicious way!!
Do we want men who do things like that sharing our planet?
How would you feel as a parent if you were rearing your children under false pretences, as they will be murdered just like you will. They are trapped in their own home to be killed with no escape, and no chance of survival.
Please take a moment to sit and imagine what they go through and how you and your children would feel in this situation.
They need your help they cant speak for themselves, so please help me be their voice to shout out for help and make oursleves heard!
I want to let all those animals keep their precious little lives, they only get one chance, it is all we want.
This has gone on for too long, the more seconds we waste, the more animals die! We can put a stop to this, to make our world more civilised!
 THERE IS NO NEED FOR THIS TO BE HAPPENING! The barbarians who are doing this wont starve and there are plenty of other games to be enjoyed. WHY should animals be slaughtered for 'games' sake?
 Why should they suffer because some people are mentally insane?
Please sign to ban killing of these animals for entertainment!
All i need is your signature! we can stop this! Please help to make a difference, the animals need you!

Dear Sir/Madam,

We the undersigned, are writing regarding my concerns, that animals are being unfairly treated. The slaughter of animalsfor 'entertainment' eg 'game' animals, birds and Trout/Salmon, regardless of whether their carcasses are consumed afterwards. As i feel there is no need for this to be happening.
Therefore, i want to act on their behalf, by crying out for help, as they cannot do this for themselves, i sincerely hope i will not be ignored. I see all kinds of protection for humans, pets are protected by the RSPCA, and the animals that are endangered are protected by CITES, but i feel that that is too late, don't you? It is disturbing to know that this kind of barbaric behavior, is allowed or cocidered acceptable, when there are plenty of substitutes available eg clay shooting, food in the supermarkets, and plenty of other games to be enjoyed. As a result of this, i see no need what so ever for their behaviore to be defender or to continue.
I understand that many laws have been put into place, and i am grateful that this world is becoming a more civilised place. However the laws that have beenput into place, at certain times of the year, to protect their young, is a smoke screen that is feeding the problem, to continue, because this way there is no end, and there are more to be murdered. Theri mothers are rearing their children under false pretences, as they are unaware that their children will be murdered just as the parents will. The cruel people who are doing this will not starve! So why should this be? If the law above was not in operation, then CITES would already be protecting them by now.
The real injustice of it all, is the fact that they are bred to die! They are bred to be trapped! They are bred to be Murdered with no chance of survival.They are bred to lead miserable lives. Is this Right? Do you beleive that their lives should be lost for games sake? Are the government, the government more over who are supposed to be responsible for our contries making the RIGHT decisions? Is it even the decision of the majority?
Time and money are being wasted on schemes like smoking bans and 'healthy eating' ect when there is a matter of life and death on their hands. Where are the priorities?
I feel that i am responsible for opening others minds to all of this, as i am one who is not blinded by cognitive dissonance on this matter.
Only you can stop this, i hope my plea will not go unnoticed as the rest lies beyond me and with you.

' Our lives begin to end the day we come silent about the things that matter ' Martin Luther King

Thank you for your time
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