Sam Witwer as The Green Lantern

Actor Sam Witwer would be the best choice to play Green Lantern for many reasons. He has the look and build for it, he'll just need to put on a few more pounds of muscle. He has that manly look that the casting director seems to be looking for. He has the jaw muscle that GL is known for having and the hairline, Witwer and GL even have the same ears in the paintings done by the great Alex Ross; just dye his hair brown and he'll look perfect.
Besides having the look down pact this would be a smart choice for DC. I know that a lot of people would be afraid of the fact that another Brandon Routh situation may occur, but unlike him, Sam Witwer actually fits the profile and has acting experience. His resume includes his work on Smallville, Battlestar Gallactica, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and The Mist.
Many people are unfamiliar with Sam Witwer which would actually be a good thing for DC since he would not be looked upon as another character he played in previous roles, but would be known as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern, which is very important. His acting skills would be something that would be continuoulsy questioned, but for a t.v. actor he actually does a pretty good job.
Another benefit DC and whoever is the distributer will have would be the fact that Sam Witwer is seen as an unknown in the eyes of many people, they would not have to pay him a ridiculous amount of money that they regularly would've if they went out and got an established actor.
The lead actor for the job is Chris Pine of Star Trek. He seems as an o.k. choice but a stupid one. The reason I say this is because if they choose him no one will see him as the Green Lantern, but as Captain Kirk. Also if he actually did a good job in Star Trek he would want a lot of money. Even more reasons to have Sam Witwer play the Green Lantern.

We the undersigned have agreed that actor Sam Witwer is perfect to star in the movie to play Green Lantern. Many reasons were given for this in this petition and believe that it will be a smart bussiness move to do so. He is seen in the eyes of many as an unknown, therefore everyone will only see him as the Green Lantern. He is a fairly decent actor and has some experience. He also fits the part perfectly; the only thing he'd have to change is grow his hair and color it brown and also to gain more muscle mass. But other than that he is perfect for the role. Thank you for taking your time out to read this letter.

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