PeTA: End your lawsuit against PRIMARILY PRIMATES!


The sanctuary "Primarily Primates" continues to grow strong despite an attempt by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) to destroy it with yet a THIRD frivolous lawsuit.

After the first two lawsuits instigated by PeTA against Primarily Primates failed, PETA went knocking door to door in PPIs neighborhood to recruit additional plaintiffs for yet another lawsuit. They found two - Virginia B., an elderly woman with brain cancer, who has since dropped out of the suit, and Carl H., a retiree who has 4 lawyers SUPPLIED by PeTA.

Although Plaintiffs lawyers initially refused to answer questions about the funding of the lawsuit, they were later forced to admit at a hearing on Plaintiffs application for a temporary restraining order in front of the Honorable Andy Mireles (Judge Mireles denied Plaintiffs application for a temporary restraining order) that the entire suit is being funded by PETA.

Also, there has never been one complaint about the animals, in the history of Primarily Primates 30 years, until PeTA went knocking on doors in the area.

Shame on you PeTA! This seems like a nerfarious scheme to close PRIMARILY PRIMATES.

See PRIMARILY PRIMATES full video, "A Very Special Rescue At Risk" on YouTube by clicking on the following link.

Thank you!

We, the undersigned, would like you to stop the third frivolous lawsuit to pave over the grounds and 'get rid of' 76 animals including 64 Chimpanzees at  PRIMARILY PRIMATES, and any future lawsuits of this nature against PRIMARILY PRIMATES. The first two lawsuits against PRIMARILY PRIMATES were tossed out of court. This one will most likely to be tossed out too.

We insist that you stop maligning and start respecting this much needed place of peace and care.

PeTa, you began the ongoing need for this Sanctuary by dropping off animals retrieved from various rescues. Your annual budget is $30 Million, yet none of that is spent on ANY Sanctuaries.

Why would you want PRIMARILY PRIMATES to waste more money on lawyers and trials, instead of allowing the animals at the Sanctuary to benefit from those funds? 

PeTA, you're supposed to be FOR the animals, not against.

Already, PRIMARILY PRIMATES has spent almost $500,000 to defend themselves for these animals. And probably $1 to $200,000 more (the total may go as high as $1 million) if this goes to trial in the fall. Money that should be spent on the animals in the Sanctuary. 

$1,000,000 would provide nearly 2 years of care and food for all the animals at PRIMARILY PRIMATES.

PRIMARILY PRIMATES have been there for 30 years. The animals who live there are not, and have not been, a threat to anyone outside of the Sanctuary.

The FRIENDS OF ANIMALS has contributed $2 million out of their own pocket to PRIMARILY PRIMATES. If your lawsuits continue, all that money will have been contributed in vain.

A call for peace between PeTA and PRIMARILY PRIMATES and Friends Of Animals is desperately needed. 

Please, PeTA, we're asking you to put an end to your lawsuits on the first Animal Sanctuary in this country. This lawsuit poses a threat to ALL the Sanctuaries in Texas. 

PeTA, do the right thing and let PRIMARILY PRIMATES go on helping these animals live their lives in a habitat that is as close as possible to living their lives the way nature intended; and with all the love, respect and care that PRIMARILY PRIMATES and their contributors give to them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, PeTA, and hopefully the end of the lawsuits.

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