Stop Shark Finning & The Sale of Shark Fin Products

Sharks have survived through four periods of mass extinction and now are facing possible extinction due to the actions of humans.

The media thought of sharks is a blood thirsty monster that will hunt down any person that ventures into the ocean. This couldn't be further from what is really happening. More people die each year from elephant attacks and vending machines than from shark attacks...

Commercial whaling was put to a stop through mass public protest and that is the hope of this. If we put enough pressure out that we will not tolerate the unethical slaughter of mass numbers of shark around the world, we can get a moratorium on the harvesting of shark fins.

Shark Finning is not a humane act.  Long lines, sometimes 60 miles long are left floating in the ocean to catch whatever unfortunate creature takes the bait, may it be turtles or sharks.  Most get exhausted and drown from being tangles in the lines but those less fortunate are hauled onto fishing boats where their dorsal, pectoral, and tail fins are cut off well the shark is still alive.  Their bodies are then cast back into the ocean where they sink to the ocean floor to drown or bleed to death. And why is this happening? The greed of people is destroying the shark population around the world.  Shark fin will bring in up to $300/lb and is seen as a symbol of wealth at weddings and special events.  Shark fin has no taste and is purely for adding texture to a broth.  Much of the industry is run by gangs and is run illegally.

We want to show our governments that we are serious about the complete banning of Shark Finning world wide. Its been accomplished before, and it can be again. It doesn't take millions to get attention.

As a Canadian citizen I want to see this industry either strictly controlled or completely shut down. We can make a difference, please encourage your local government to ban the sale of shark fin and shark fin products.

If you use facebook please join our cause to help stop the slaughter of these amazing creatures.

We the undersigned would like to put forth our extreme concern on the topic of international shark finning that is taking place around the world and is decimating shark populations around the world.

Every year 100, 000, 000 sharks are mutilated and killed to obtain their fins and then their still alive bodies are tossed back into the ocean where they drown or bleed to death.  This is the method used by illegal fishermen who want to maximize profits by only having to store the fins.  This practice is widely unmonitared and unmanaged and sharks are harvested no matter their age, size or species. 

Over the past decade shark finning has increased due to advances in technology, and increased demand for shark fin soup. Considered a delicacy in Chinese culture, being served at weddings and special events as a sign of wealth.  At one point there was a lower demand due to the expense of shark fin but as economies have altered more and more people are able to afford shark fin soup.

The loss of these beautiful creatures of the sea would be a unrecoverable blow to the marine ecosystem possible starting a downward spiral in world environments.  As a concerned collection of minds from different cultures and societies we put forth our concerns and calls for immeadiate action in the banning of shark finning around the world.

We thank you for the time you have taken from your day to read and address our concerns.

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