LEGAL Whale & Dolphin Slaughter In The E.U?

I was sent a link to a petition about the slaughter of whale, porpoise and dolphin in Japan and whilst looking for video confirmation, I came across a video on youtube, showing the mass slaugher of the same marine mammals here in the European Union. Please take the time to view this film and although it s content is harrowing, remember this is the EU and this practice is legal. My intention is to pass this petition on to The Nordic Council, the prime minister of Denmark, the prime minister of the Phaorese Islands, the European Union - Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Commision and the Queen of Denmark. Please take just 1 minute to sign this petition and pass it on to as many people as you can. Thank you so much friends.

Whales are sensitive, social animals with highly developed nervous systems. They have a profound capacity to suffer distress, terror and pain. Each year, the Faroese kill pilot whales and other small cetaceans.

Islanders in motorboats first drive the whales into a bay. The chase may be lengthy. The exhausted, terrified and confused whales are eventually driven into the shallows. Here the bloodbath begins. The islanders repeatedly hammer 2.2 kg metal gaffs into the living flesh of each whale until the hooks hold. A 15 cm knife is then used to slash through the blubber and flesh to the spinal column. Next the main blood vessels are severed. The blood-stained bay is soon filled with horribly mutilated and dying whales.

The Faroese celebrate the butchery of their victims in an carnival atmosphere of entertainment. Indoctrinated from an early age, children are often given a day off school to watch the fun. They run down to the bay and clamber over the carcasses of slaughtered whales.

Every year around 2,000 whales are driven ashore and cruelly slaughtered in the Faroe Islands, mid-way between the Shetland Islands and Iceland. For centuries the Faroe Islanders have hunted pilot whales, driving entire schools into killing bays, where they are speared or gaffed from boats, dragged ashore and butchered with knives. Although the Islands are a protectorate of Denmark, they have their own Government and regulations governing the pilot whale hunt or "grind" as it is known.

Aside from the fact that the number of North Atlantic long-finned pilot whales is unknown and they are listed as 'strictly protected' by the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, this is an act of barbarism and pointlessness. By slaughtering 100 whales at a time, the Faroese are wiping out entire pods and family groups. They are removing building blocks from the gene pool of the species and damaging the web of life in the North Atlantic and the North Sea.

The drive hunt is a practice abandoned elsewhere many decades ago, and now outlawed by other European states. The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands have no subsistence need for whale meat, and much of the flesh is left to rot and be dumped; it cannot be exported, as it is polluted with heavy metals and other toxins and therefore cannot meet EU heath standards for human food.

According to Faroese legislation it is also permitted to hunt certain species of small cetaceans other than pilot whales. These include: Bottlenose dolphin; Atlantic white-beaked dolphin; Atlantic white-sided dolphin; and Harbour porpoise (There are also specific regulations for the hunting of harbour porpoise. Harbour porpoises are killed with shotguns).
We, the undersigned,
call upon Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, the Prime Minister of Denmark; Lars Lokke Rasmussen, the Prime Minister of the Faroese Islands; Kaj Leo Johannesen, The Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries based in Brussels; Joe Borg and The Nordic Council

to end the slaughter of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands.

We find the needless annual slaughter of over 2000 whales and dolphins disgraceful particularly as the carcasses are dumped and left to rot.

It is time to join other European states who have outlawed this practice and recognise it as both barbaric and pointless.

Your immediate action is needed. Sincerely,
The undersigned
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