Germany: Stop using real goose for "Gaensereiten"

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The carnival unions of Bochum-Wattenscheid-Hoentrop and Bochum-Wattenscheid-Sevinghausen (quarters of Bochum (Germany)) don't want to end the medieval tradition of "Gaensereiten" (goose pulling) - a ritual in which people - while riding a horse - pull the head of a goose apart.

The tradition is over 400 years old and it developed scarcely.
The only development (from 1806!) is that it's illicit to "use" a living goose for this tradition - so the goose is slaughtered before its head is pulled apart. (But it looks still real - with feathers, head, feet,...)

In change of time, Germany has got a Protection of Animal Act, which is fixed in the German Constitution. Therein it's fixed, that it isn't allowed to hurt or kill animals without a rational reason.

But the carnival unions are allowed to use a goose for this spectacle, because the goose will be eaten at the end.

The problem I see in this tradition is that many children and teenagers are able to watch this spectacle and it's irresponsible that they learn from the adults, that we as humans are allowed to disgrace and make games and events with animals and corps of animals.
I think children should learn respectfulness and compassionateness compared to every other creature -  human-beings and non-human-beings (animals).
People and politicians often discuss about the violence in the media - but isn't real violence not more harmful for the personality development of our kids?

I think alternatives to a real goose should be possible - like other German cities manage this for years.
Alternatives could be for example a mock-goose, a horse shoe, circles or something else.

Please sign and call for mercy - tell the mayor (Ms. Ottilie Scholz) of Bochum to stop using a real goose!

Thanks from many Germans included me!

Sehr geehrte Frau Ottilie Scholz,

wir - die Unterzeichner - fordern Sie auf, dem grausamen und mittelalterlichen Treiben des sogenannten "Gaensereitens" Einhalt zu gebieten und Alternativen zu der Verwendung einer echten - wenn auch toten - Gans zu finden.

Die Tradition des Gaensereitens ist ueber 400 Jahre alt und derzeit befinden wir uns im 21. Jahrhundert, in welchem auch das Tierschutzgesetz als Grundziel im Deutschen Grundgesetz verankert ist.
Die Zeiten wandeln sich und ebenso auch die moralischen Vorstellungen von vielen Menschen. Immer mehr Menschen suchen Alternativen zur Tierqual und ich wuerde es begruesen Deutschland und auch Bochum als tierfreundlich und modern zu erleben.

Desweiteren fordern wir Sie auf, das Thema genauer im Stadtrat zu besprechen und Alternativen zur derzeitigen Ausuebungsform zu finden.

Vielen Dank fuer die Kenntnisnahme und das Lesen unseres Protestbriefes.
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