Stop The Kill The Gays Bill

Uganda’s Anti Homosexuality bill, also known as "The Kill The Gays Bill" -   is due for debate when parliament resumes business in Uganda next week.  This Bill includes the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality” and harsh prison terms for homosexuals and lesbians in Uganda, where homosexuality is currently criminal under the less definitive law of “crimes against the natural order.”

The Bill also requires family members, employers, and anyone having information about homosexual activities to report the offender, failing which that person could also be arrested for a crime.

The United Nations, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama have all condemned the Bill, which was launched by MP David Bahati in Uganda after US Evangelicals had conducted an anti-gay crusade in that country.

The Ugandans who support the bill are asserting recruitment of children into homosexuality as its basis. There is no merit to this claim.  Homosexuality is a natural born orientation and it is impossible to recruit.

This petition seeks to inform Ugandans that they will be isolated by the West if they enact this horrendous draconian law which will result in witch hunts, many more LGBT people seeking asylum in the West.
We the undersigned, 

endorse the following statement and conclude with our request:-

The Ugandan parliament is about to consider passage of the highly controversial Anti-homosexuality bill. The entire world  will be faced with considering whether or not it will continue to support a country that infringes the basic human right to one's sexuality. 

Sexuality is not a choice, it is a natural condition and science has proven such. Yet in a world where LGBT people are attaining equality, Uganda is set to pass a bill that seeks to imprison  or put to death people who follow their natural sexual attraction to the same sex. 

Uganda is a respected  sovereign country and of course it may choose to exist in isolation; but as a social and economic player in globe, it must accept international standards of human rights, without which its participation becomes impossible.

How can any American or European corporation, for example, in good faith, do business in a country where their diversity and all inclusive working programs are criminalized?  How can South Africa with its all inclusive Constitution that protects sexual orientation continue to bring investment when you  would cause physical harm to those who may be investors? 

The story fed to Ugandans that homosexuality is a choice and that children can be brainwashed into homosexuality is based on a lie, perpetuated by frustrated religious zealots who refuse to view the science.

Surely a sovereign Uganda is better than that?  A sovereign Uganda understands its importance in Africa and  the world.  The draconian anti-homosexuality bill, known in the world as The Kill the Gays Bill, will have dire consequences for all Ugandan people and will do more harm than good.

If Uganda passes the AHB or any form thereof,  whether it includes the death penalty or not, it will have to pay with isolation; and although its sovereignty will continue to be respected, it will have made its choice!  It will no longer be welcome in the global economy.

We the international LGBT gay, lesbian and transgender community and allies will gladly take all your homosexual, lesbian, transgender and gender free, brothers and sisters into our welcoming international arms and we will leave Uganda alone!

The Ugandan parliament is set to pass the Anti-Homosexuality bill, under the sponsorship of MP David Bahati.

If this bill passes it will register that Ugandans are ascribing to the view that "homosexuality is not a human right." (Quote David Bahati to Melanie Nathan)

Ugandans must know ahead what the consequences will be:

1. American and international corporations will not be able to function in a country where employers cannot send gay and lesbian executives, employees, representatives;

2. The U.S. Government  and other countries would be placing its gay and lesbian envoys, employees at risk - regardless of diplomatic immunity if they are sent to countries where homosexuals can be put to death;

3. The LGBT communities around the world and allies will be calling for trade and tourism boycotts and divestment from Uganda;

4. Tourism to Uganda will be boycotted by the International community;

5. Ugandan Coffee importers will be targeted in the U.S.A.;

6. Uganda's interests in the U.S.A. and other countries will be targeted for protests.

7. The world LGBTI community and allies will  continue to pressure President Zuma to remove Jon Qwelane from Uganda and to stop South African investment in Uganda;

8. The gay communities of the world will demand  the U.S.A. and U.K. and other western countries offer asylum to LGBTI people in Uganda and safe passage to other countries;

9. Activists will target the banks that provide services in Uganda with boycotts and account closures;

10. Uganda will be excluded from international sports;

11. U.S. , UK, EU will be pressured to stop AID to Uganda.

The world will not tolerate any country criminalizing homosexuality or arresting and sentencing homosexuals.  Gays, lesbians and transgender people, live as others do. Living one's natural orientation is not a crime. The idea that gays are interested in recruiting children is a fabrication by religious zealots who have manipulated Ugandans for their own purpose.

It is important to not that homosexuality is an orientation that is as African as it is European, Asian, American or any other culture.  Sexual orientation is a human condition, gay or straight, applicable to all human kind regardless of continent. 

There has yet to be any report of any serious harm caused by homosexuality in Uganda. Uganda should focus on its real problems instead of scapegoating gay people - it should focus on where the harm really is which includes poverty, death in childbirth, women forced into prostitution and rampant pedophilia against young children by heterosexual men.   On Xmas day 14 women died in childbirth at one Ugandan hospital; no one has been killed through the peaceful practice of a loving relationship in the privacy of one's home. 

The so called cultural argument is of no use to a country that wants to participate in the world arena.

We implore the Ugandan people to consider the facts and the real problems that face Uganda.  The AHB will not prevent people from their sexual orientation it will only persecute them and bring a great economic barrier to Uganda..

Kindly exert your influence Mr. President ; the world cares about your people.

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