Signing this petition means you support the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana on a personal level. Within this petition we will discuss many economic benefits, personal benefits, and global effects that this topic will topic will impact.

With our nations financial situation and the economies of the world experiencing finanical stress let us first discuss the economic benefits on a national level:

- By legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana usage on a personal level you would then allow the government step in and regulate its production and selling thereof. By the government regulating and taxing the sale of this product it would then generate income for the government thus impacting the economic system in a positive manner.

- By legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana usage on a personal level you would also then be decreasing on a national level the amount of expenses and expenditures by law enforcement agencies chasing people using marijuana. You would also be decreasing the amount of tax dollars spent on judicial criminal trials convicting people of possesion and trafficing charges. You would also be decreasing the amount of tax payer dollars spent on housing people convicted of similar charges who are sharing cells with hardened criminals.

- The legalization and decriminalization will also impact other industries. Since legalizing it will almost asure usage will increase, due to non-users trying it for the first time since it is now legal, you will see increased demands in other industries as well. Since post-usage of marijuana leads to hunger and eating, this will impact it's respective industries such as , grocery stores, local stores, fast food chains, vending machine industries and more. Thus creating a more stable economic flow of supply and demand.

Now let us speak of the common sense points of the presentation:

In order to discuss the common sense side of this conversation we need to drag to already familiar and legal products into the light, cigarettes and alcohol. Now these are two of the biggest killers on the planet today. 

Let's first point out the issues of alcohol:

- This product makes people do ridiculous things that can accidently cause people to die or go to jail.

- This product destroys the liver and other internal organs.

- This product is addictive and has destroyed millions of peoples lives around the globe.

- This product has been the cause of thousands of vehicular deaths across the nation and the world.

- This product has destroyed a many number of families.

Now let us discuss the issues with cigarettes:

- This product is extremely addictive.

- This products usage has killed numerous masses of people with different types of cancers and other bodily deteriorations.

- Many brands of this product use cyanide and arsenic in their cigarettes. Aren't these products POISON, and doesn't the governments think perhaps this is a point of concern?

Knowing just these points alone make it almost a "NO BRAINER". Do your research though. Develop your own opinion. If you support this issue please sign the petition. You are not doing anything illegal by signing the petition. You are simply excercising your right to Freedom of Speech.

You know one other thing I would like to touch base on is the simple fact that almost anywhere you go now you seem to run into rude people. I mean think about this. If nothin else makes sense how about this. Marijuana at the most makes you relaxed, reduces your stress and by doing both of those it allows you to think about and analyze things you didn't have time to think about before because your mind was so cluttered with everything else. Perhaps if you let people enjoy smoking marijuana on a personal level without the fear of arrest and institutionalizing them, maybe people, as a whole, would become nicer and happier. I mean maybe if the countries of the world would also consider it, maybe, just maybe we wouldn't be at each others throats every day of existence. Think about it, and when you have an epiphany and realize this is true. Sign our petition, support the Legalization and Decriminalization of Marijuana on a Personal Level, and shout out to the world, "We Want Weed".

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