Bic Soleil ladies razors- a thing of the past

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I'm a regular woman living my life in Toronto and I want to make a difference.

When I saw these advertisements for Bic's razors on the subway I couldn't believe my eyes. I was shocked that no one seemed to be quite as shocked as me.

Though I'm sure Torontonians have grown a thick skin to media bombardment, I doubt I am alone in finding this poster distasteful, offensive, and a push in the wrong direction for women's equality.

I have started this campaign to boycott Bic's products until this campaign is removed. Bic must be sent a clear and powerful message that consumers will hold their suppliers responsible for their actions and that these sort of messages are not valued by their customers.

Please see my letter to Bic's consumer affairs office in my letter to target (Petition tab) which outlines the problems with this campaign.

I'm not alone!
Check out leftist/feminist Lebanese born Toronto blogger Nadine Moawad's thoughts on the poster here:

Another Young Toronto Blogger, inspire M.E, has added her thoughts to this issue!:

Writer/editor/"tumblr" extraordinaire Sheena Goodyear posts examples of the public taking this issue into their own hands:

The first article ever written about this poster that I could find, was from the major blog THE BIG ORANGE SLIDE:

We the undersigned are signing this petition in solidarity against your Bic Soleil ladies Razors advertisement campaign posters found in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and similar campaigns such as those posted online.

The message and values sent through this poster are offensive, sexist, and tell the public that its trendy to objectify women and that shaved legs are they only way to be attractive and wanted as a person.

The following letter was sent to your consumer affairs office by the petition creator, Jenni Sager and outlines the problems with your campaign as well as the complaints of the undersigned.


I am a 23 year old, modern woman and your average consumer living in Toronto who, until now, was a user of Bic products- particularly your pens which I  had believed were a good product with an untarnished reputation.

Recently I came across your advertisements posted inside Toronto's subways for your Soleil ladies razors.

This poster depicts a 1920s/1950s pinup style cartoon of long-legged woman bending over in the grocery store, her mini skirt riding higher in the back, with a confident smile thrown in the direction of the viewer. "For legs that beckon." is the slogan written across the bottom.

I was repulsed by this advertisement. The message sent by that poster is
-That the old style of less feminist times is trendy which suggests,
-That  women are sexual objects who dress up in heels, make up and sexually provocative clothing when they go out and do their job- grocery shopping and,
-That women want to be noticed for their sexuality because they have shaved, revealing legs - they must WANT to be approached. More than that , they are BECKONING to you (men) to hit on them

I can only imagine what children and impressionable young adults pick up about societies values and judgments on how an adult women should look.

When I went on the soleil website to find a contact address I was less than impressed about the online campaign as well. Choosing which style of razor suits a women is determined by her obvious, void Saturday night activities of:
- calling all your "girls" to go dancing
-Taking a bath and unwinding
-going on a SEXY date and FLIRTING
-Hitting the beach

Of course attractive, wanted women (those who shave their legs) only partake in these sorts of activities. God forbid a woman might actually do something physically challenging/competitive or intellectually stimulating. If she does, she must not shave her legs- the shrew.

I am extremely disappointed that Bic has decided to start advertising itself in this manner as it is clear on your website that you do attempt to be a responsible and reputable company. Your community programs, sustainability policies and attempted code of ethics/conduct are admirable and I wished to have seen your products pitched with the same values.

Rest assured I will be sharing my distaste for this advertisement, and Bic's choice to run it, with all of my friends and family and will be making a complaint to those in charge of posting advertisements in the subway as well.

I will no longer be purchasing products from Bic from this point on and will encourage those I know to do the same.
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