A Trucker's Letter to Capitol Hill

Hey guys, just thought I'd drop you a letter and sort of try to feel out what you guys are thinking. You have hit us up with many new regulations and rules and I'm pretty sure you don't want us out here on the road any more. Well, if that is your intention (and we all feel that it is), then there is a simple way of solving that. 

First of all just tell all politicians to quit buying stuff. Tell them to make do with what they have right now. Lets start there and then the rest of the country can follow in your footsteps. After all, you guys are our elected leaders, right?

If they need food or clothing just tell them they can't have any. If they need bottled water, just tell them to find a hose to drink out of. Oh, you think you'll just go to the market and buy some. Trucks bring food and water to the market. Darn the luck huh?

If they need detergent to wash their clothes in just tell them to wear dirty clothes or bang them against a rock in a stream. Oh, don't worry, the stream will be cleaner in a few years after the manufacturers go out of business. After all trucks bring in the raw products to make their goods out of and there won't be any!

If they need gas for their car, just tell them to walk or get a bicycle, but they might need to buy a bicycle or some new shoes or take a cab. Oh, the cabs need gas? Trucks bring gas, shoes and bicycles..your'e out of luck huh?

If builders need building supplies to construct a new school or hospital in Washington DC, just have them mix up some mud for bricks or chop down some trees for the lumber to build it. Then they can carry the stuff over to the job site or use a wheelbarrow. 

If you and the folks up there on capitol hill need to unwind with a drink after work, then maybe you can just put some fruit in a bucket and wait for it to ferment. Oh, you need a bucket and some fruit first? I think trucks bring those huh?

Oh, you had a bad dinner last night and you have the trots? Hope you have some old sears catalogs that you have saved up cause trucks bring the t.p. that you might need to clean up with. Oh my, trucks bring those catalogs too. Darn..you are not having much luck today huh?

What? You need some medicine for your high blood pressure? I have heard that trucks bring that stuff too. Maybe you should look into yoga or some holistic type of natural healing. I'm sure that will work out fine and you'll be ok.

Oh, you ran out of electricity? Darn it, who would have thought that the trucks that load up the coal trains were needed? Oh, you're gonna use wind energy instead? Darn it again, those wind blades are hauled by trucks along with the electric cables that carry the juice to you. Still no luck huh? Hope you have plenty of candles handy.

Oh, a natural disaster in Washington DC? You need some Meals Ready to Eat? Maybe some bottled water? Oh, now you can make the federal rules and regulations exempt for all the trucks bringing relief supplies? That's great to know except now there are no trucks to bring it to you anymore. We have all gone out of business from having to only run 8 hrs a day and sitting in truck stops for 48 hours to be able to drive again (we have to get that midnight to 6 am twice ya know). Plus we need to buy those electronic EOBR's for our trucks and some of us just can't afford them. Don't be surprised if many of us just go away after you get done with all of your efforts to get rid of us.

So anyway, best of luck to you and your bureaucratic bologna. Oh, that's right, you produce a lot of that bologna, maybe you won't go as hungry as we thought.

In closing, you are showing us that you don't need us unless it benefits you in some way. If you are not there for us then don't expect us to be "able" to be there for you when you really need us.


The American Trucker

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