Abolish Bowhunting and end the brutality!!!

Update: Please watch this video of young doe who was hit by a bowhunters arrow right thru her nose, throat and neck.  This is how "Miss Doe" spend her Christmas 2008 and was finally euthanized 2 days later. THIS IS THE HORRIFIC CRUELTY  OF BOWHUNTING!


September brings hell to the deer of our state, for it is the opening day of bowhunting season.

Bowhunting is one of the most vicious and inaccurate ways to kill an animal. Shooting an arrow into a living target is so difficult, that for every deer a bowhunter kills, another is shot, wounded, and escapes. Few deer die quickly.

 "The rule of thumb has long been that we should wait 30 to 45 minutes on heart and lung hits, an hour or more on a suspected liver hit, eight to 12 hours on paunch hits, and that we should follow up immediately on hindquarter and other muscle hits, "to keep the wound open and bleeding"." Glenn Helgeland - Fins and Feathers Winter 1987.

"For a bow hunter to easily recover a wounded deer, the blood loss must be extensive." Rob Wegner - Deer and Deer Hunting August, 1991.

Bowhunter spinshot a Calf Elk and while being shot with 3 arrow he cries for his mother
Only Soulless humans can kill with a bow and arrow Part 3 Compilation
Spine Shot Deer - The terror for deer, the excitement of cruelty for bowhunter

Gut Shot Deer - Imagine yourself dying this way!http://mathew5-7.blogspot.com/2011/01/gut-shot-deer-imagine-yourself-dying.html
Bowhunters says "Rage is like hitting a deer with an ax"
Bear bowhunted death moans as bowhunters do the high fives and fist pumping
Bowhunters damning comments of killing does, pregnant does and fawns.http://mathew5-7.blogspot.com/2010/10/this-doe-right-here-came-looking-for.html

What Happens to the Animals?

Bowhunters contend that although crippling is undesirable, most wounded animals do not die agonizing deaths, but can quickly recover. They feel that the broadhead arrow inflicts clean wounds that heal quickly.
Bowhunters also like to suggest that a broadhead arrow is an efficient killing tool, with brand names such as the Ripper, Penetrator, and Terminator Doublecut.

The pretense seems to be that somehow animals develop hemophilia the instant they are struck; thus, they bleed to death: Stop all body functions with incredible speed within 30 seconds in most cases, according to The Complete Book of Bowhunting. Contrary to these claims, most crippled animals do not recover from their wounds; rather, they routinely contract peritonitis or a septic infection. Broadheads do not inflict clean wounds; they generally inflict dirty wounds. The main cause of infection,
according to Benke, is today  multi-bladed broadhead. As these arrows penetrate an animal  body, numerous hairs are clipped, often caught in the slots of the arrow blades, and distributed throughout the wound channel. The external wound opening then becomes sealed due to clotting and dried blood-matted hair. The bacteria from the clipped hairs begin multiplying in the wound. The amount of bacterial infection
emanating from the wound depends on the wound location. The animals general health is also an important factor affecting the time period it takes for the animal to finally die. Death eventually results one to two agonizing weeks later.

*The exciting Warhead starts with its bone shattering Tri-Cut Tip  that explodes flesh and bone away so the three surgically sharp stainless blades can open a larger, more lethal entrance/exit hole. (From
manufacturer catalog)

In order for an animal to bleed to death, its blood-clotting system must be overwhelmed. To overwhelm this system, the broadhead must penetrate the heart or sever one or more major blood vessels. If these are not lacerated, an animal cannot bleed to death  the body's natural blood-clotting system sees to that. Benke estimates that 20% to 30% of deer struck by arrows die from hemorrhaging and that 10% sustain wounds that probably heal, leaving 60% to 65% of the deer to die from infections.

Benke asserts: the average time in which broadheads cause death must be measured in weeks or days rather than in seconds, minutes, or even hours. Sadly, it is not only the crippled animals who suffer, but those hit and retrieved successfully as well. According to experts clean kills are a rarity. While the deer who are hit and retrieved successfully are not fortunate, they fare better than those who have been wounded and left to suffer. A comment from an experienced bowhunter who writes in Fins & Feathers magazine (March 1987) assumes that the elapsed time between the initial wounding of an animal and the animal's final death is exceedingly long even if the hit occurs in vital (heart or lung) areas.
The rule of thumb for bowhunters has long been that they should wait 30 to 45 minutes on heart and lung hits, an hour or more on a suspected liver hit, 8 to12 hours on paunch hits, and follow immediately on hindquarter and other muscle-only hits to keep the wound open and bleeding.

Bowhunting literature serves as its own indictment. The book Bowhunting for Whitetails says: It's important to give them (the deer) time to stiffen and die - 20 minutes at a minimum, 30 minutes even better... just hang back and have a smoke. There is absolutely no sure way to kill a deer instantly with a bow!

The broadhead arrow is notorious for its inherent inefficiency and singular capacity to cripple, wound, inflict pain, and prolong the suffering of animals. All 50 states have banned the .22 caliber rifle for big-game hunting because of its inadequate killing power. Given that .22 rifles are far superior to compound bows in terms of killing capability, one can infer that states have failed to institute and implement responsible and consistent hunting regulations.

A Veterinarian's Perspective on Bowhunting

According to Steve Nusbaum MA, DVM, if the damage to the vital area is less thansevere, and if an arrow nicks an auricle rather than cuts through both ventricles, the blessing of shock-induced analgesia (a deadening or absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousness) to set in can take a long time. Consider the physiology of the deer who dies by suffocation, choking on its own blood, or the deer who dies after an arrow penetrates the diaphragm. The presence of a highly sophisticated nervous system in deer certainly suggests that their nervous systems
perform the same functions as human nervous systems. The presence of the same neurochemicals in deer as in humans similarly shows that they feel pain as we do.

In recent years there has been a major shift in the way the scientific community understands the mental life of animals, particularly mammals. Presently, researchers in a variety of animal-related disciplines generally agree that in addition to being sentient, mammals are consciously aware and have feelings and emotions; even though they are more rudimentary than those of humans. Mammals, including deer, are presently understood by scientists to have the capacity to think. Numerous studies indicate that the mental harm that is done to an animal placed in a stressful situation may be more injurious than that done to a person in a similar situation because the animal's mind, in varying degrees, focuses more on the immediate than the distant. Thus, an animal, unlike a person, is less aware that the present anxiety it is experiencing may be temporary.
Not only does bowhunting cause real physical pain and suffering, the deer's mental suffering is just as real, and in its own way, may be just as painful.

Watch the video


(Bowhunters are the lowest of the low, these people know what the arrow does to the animals body and the immesurable suffering they can put on the animals.  Please watch this horrific video shot by the bowhunter on a tree stand. Very common in the bowhunting community is their sadism towards the innocents.

This doe drowned in her own blood


Bowhunter leave wounded deer overnight (very common) because his "hands were too cold"


Deer shot into the eye with an arrow in Ohio March 2010

Help us to abolish this  horrific and brutal act put upon our innocent wildlife by very sick people. Thank you and God Bless.

This is a letter of plea

Why must such horrific act of brutality continue today when we know for a fact that bowhunting  causes these animals to die such horrific death??. The kind of death no one person ever want to die from. Its also a danger to the public for the fact that  many bowhunting are done very close to  neighboring areas where small kids and pets live. 

Now is time to start living in a more civilized society especially when we have so many non-lethal options including deer birth control that works.


No more running into dead bodies of the animals that never deserve this kind of terror and death. Our children should be able to walk into park or forest and find peace and happiness not  crippled and wounded deer and bodies floating in streams. Most gut shot deer head that direction and are not retrieved.

Watch the video

 and also read from what bowhunters themselves have written on how these animals die.  We the people who so love our forest animals beg of you to end this evil! No living sentient being deserve such horrible  end to their short lives so someone can be "sportsman"


Bowhunting is one of the most vicious and inaccurate ways to kill an animal. Shooting an arrow into a living target is so difficult, that for every deer a bowhunter kills, another is shot, wounded, and escapes. Few deer die quickly.

 "The rule of thumb has long been that we should wait 30 to 45 minutes on heart and lung hits, an hour or more on a suspected liver hit, eight to 12 hours on paunch hits, and that we should follow up immediately on hindquarter and other muscle hits, "to keep the wound open and bleeding"." Glenn Helgeland - Fins and Feathers Winter 1987.
%uFFFD "For a bow hunter to easily recover a wounded deer, the blood loss must be extensive." Rob Wegner - Deer and Deer Hunting August, 1991.

Such violence, such crippling pain. And for what? Recreation. Sport. Fun.


Information that hunters do not want you to know is how many millions of deer they wound and cripple a year and the way they  use the blood and guts of the deer to track them down. Some hunters wait till the next day because it may take too long for the animals to die and hunters are too tired to look for them. Several sites about "tracking wounded deer" and there are many

How to Track a Wounded Deer

Guide To Trail the Deer with Its Blood Stains

How to Handle a Gut Shot
at bowsite.com

Trailing Wounded Deer - God's great outdoors

Deer Search Inc.

Tracking A Bow Shot Deer
(and gun shot also)

Never give up. A story of wounded deer recovery.

Imagine yourself dying the way the bowhunted deer dies by the millions each year. These quotes comes directly from the site posted above showing other bowhunters how to track the deer after the hit. Please read and again  imagine this is your  death.

"When the arrow is found, pay very close attention to what is on the arrow. Bright red blood is a lung hit. Dark-red blood a liver hit, black blood and green semi-digested vegetation means a gut hit. If during the track you find "thin" red blood, that is

A Gut Shot Deer Track:

"This is a hard track. Gut shot deer rarely bleed externally! Yes there is an entrance and exit wound, but the intestines and stomach often close them up. Besides, the gut area offers very few arteries and blood vessels to bleed."

"Once the paunch (stomach) is ruptured, semi digested food and stomach bacteria enter the body cavity. This makes the deer sick and it will eventually lay down where it will expire after a long time. Blood loss is minimal and slow and will almost always be internal. These reasons are why one should wait a minimum of 8 hours before attempting to track a gut shot deer."

"where it will expire after a long time"

Lung shot
(Deer drowning in their own blood)

"Animals, especially deer, do not start bleeding at the point of impact. The blood trail generally starts about 15 to 30 yards from where the point of impact is. I have seen deer that were "high" lung shot that never bled a drop outside the body! And a heavy blood trail takes a while due to the chest cavity having to fill up before the blood can exit the wound. "

Some deer can live with one lung for days in pain and suffering only to die

An article written by a now ex-bowhunter

%u201CI was afield with three hunters when we jumped a Doe that ran in front of us.  One of the men drew his bow and shot.  The arrow went through the Doe%u2019s neck.  We all saw the arrow sticking out of both sides of the Doe%u2019s neck as she bounded away.%u201D

%u201CThe blood trail was easy to find, but we waited the usual hour for her to lie down, stiffen up and eventually die.  We followed the scarlet trail for more than an hour expecting to find her dead.  We came to several pools of blood with prints of her knees beside them, where she had gone down to hang her head, and bleed in the bright sun.  We saw spots where she had stumbled, but still her life blood ran, and still she went on.%u201D

%u201CAt last we found her.  She was dying.  She was on her knees and hocks.  Her ears, no longer the wonderful, alert warning system to detect any danger, were sagging.  Her head was down.  Her nose was in her blood. We could hear her breath bubbling in the warm blood.%u201D

%u201CSomehow the Doe lurched up.  Stumbling, bounding, blindly into the brush, she managed to reach the rim of a plateau and disappear.  She was nowhere in sight.  We fanned out and combed the hillside where we lost her tracks among a maze of other deer tracks.  We failed to retrieve her.%u201D

%u201CWe lost four wounded deer on that one hunting trip, but the Doe I saw dying stayed with me.  Her heartbroken, dulling eyes haunted me.  At odd moments I%u2019d see her, wild and free, then dying in the sun, her breath choking in a pool of blood.%u201D

%u201CI resolved never again to shoot any living creature with a bow.%u201D I rest my case.

The latest video taken Christmas eve by bowhunters and I view plenty of videos and one pretty much the same as other. Deer hit, runs , while hunter sit to wait for the deer to die or "lay up and die".  Here is a fine example of a recent one and I shorten it so you wont hear all the "drama" music these people  like to put with their hunting videos

Hunters hands too cold so he lets wounded deer lay overnight.

Although I abhor all killing of innocent life for "sports" its the bowhunting that is the most barbaric for the way the animals die is to bleed to death , drowned to death (lung shot) or to be poisoned to death from their fecal matter (gut shot).  That is why "tracking or bloodtrails" is so common with bowhunting

Thank you so much listening on behalf of all who love our innocent wildlife and on behalf of our deer

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