Abolish Child protective services

Child protective services has over stepped their bounds and are fudging up number to make it look like they are needed, by lying about the amount of abuse cases. Child protective services break so many constitutional laws and laws written to back the constitution just to steal our children and break up families. Children are being ripped away from loving families because people claim their is abuse, with out proof, and Child protective services with out due process take children form their homes. When A crime has been committed it show be left up to the police department to investigate, and give parents their due process. There is no need for child protective services to in existence, especially when our founding fathers was against such governments in the first place. They make laws which some how has ignored what the constitution says, we reserve our rights of not being harassed and be accused of a crime in which they fabricate.
They court system they use is a kangaroo court with no real justice, and they use threats and intimidation to kidnap children from loving homes, merely because they can, it has to stop.  They aren't suppose to exist,they do not protect children once they get them they put them in hellish foster homes, with people who only care about the money they get for each child taken. When a parent stands up for their rights they fight back with fabricated evidence to take their children away. There so much corruption that it is in our power to abolish a government when has become corrupted. Now here is your chance to tell congress to abolish a government that is corrupted. Better laws need to be in place so that the small percentage of children being abused are protected. But a branch of government call child protective services needs to go, they don look out for the best interest of the children , they look out for their best interest.
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