Abolishing Puppy Mills with MAXIMUM penalties!!

The monsterous and souless people who run "buisnesses" of puppy mills are uncaring, extremely cruel and vicious people who produce usually deformed, unhealthy, painfully matted and somethimes unrehabilitatable puppies. There parents are left in a nightmarish hell, on wire mesh cages that hurt their (now) swollen paws and just used and abused to keep reproducing "products". They all live YEARS in unacceptable conditions, their only human contact is when they are thrown scraps or tossed into another cage to breed. These dogs can't speak out, ask for help or bring full awareness to just how bad this nightmare is hour after hour, day after day, year after year. This often results in the dogs getting a grey haze over their eyes caused from living in complete fear!! Such neglect and suffering is UNACCEPTABLE and is also creating mass over population. I plan not only to abolish puppy mills, but to make sure that in the process the people are held accountable to receive the harshest penalty possible (up to and including paying a hefty fine and serving a manditory prison term of 2-5 years). I am pleading "as their voice" for your help to save them. Dogs are man's best friend, loyal and CARING companions! Let's help them to do that which they do best. Whether you are an animal lover or not, these dogs have hearts and feelings and did NOTHING wrong to deserve to be so unjustly treated, they NEED your voice!!

We the undersigned are requesting a Bill be passed in handing down the maximum penality for running Puppy Mills across the world.

The conditions of puppy mills are cruel, selfish, inhumane and unacceptable to say the very least.  

Thank you for taking your time to ensure this matter is addressed with the voices that these animals do not have.  
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