Against Puppy Farms in the UK

Smart Puppies or Little Rascals is run by what the council considers registered breeders, but the farm is in fact an undercover puppy farm.

They were offering a job as a Kennels Assistant and I know someone who applied, thinking it was one of the kennels supporting the RSPCA. What they found there is literally disgusting.

They have more than 200 dogs and only 2 people and a part time assistant to take care of all them. They kind of look after the puppies properly, but that is only because they mean prompt money, but the adults dogs, thats another story. They are all kept in kennels day and night, week after week, month after month, year after year... They are never exercised and no one gives them the slightest bit of attention. In reality, the dogs only see the outside when they are put in a small patio while someone is cleaning their kennels. This can take only 5 minutes, and, after the cleaning is done, the dogs are closed back straight away.

When they asked the professional breeder when was time to walk them, to play with them, she laughed at them and responded that, because the dogs were born like that, they should be happy and didnt notice the lack of such things.

Well, all those dogs were looking at them while they were cleaning the premises in a way that, lets say that they wont forget those sights in all their life. They were begging them to play with them, to interact with them, to let them be dogs. And all that suffer only because they can produce money by having innocent puppies.

Their life is a nightmare and that is why I am hereby begging you myself so we can stop this cruelty. And that is why we need as many signatures as possible to get their license cancelled.

They straight away reported the subject to the RSPCA and, apparently, they were not the only one complaining about the situation in that place, but they cant do anything at all, as this council gave them the license in the first place and, as the dogs are not injured, there is nothing the RSPCA can do other than waiting until the license is cancelled.

What we are trying to achieve with this letter is for the law to change just a bit, so exercise, walks, amount of dogs kept without supervision and amount of puppies sold are taken in count before any more licenses are given to the wrong people.

Your signature would be also crucial so we can keep on fighting against all the Puppy Farms around the country that dont care about the welfare of any of their animals and that only produce puppies to became richer.

All you need to do is add your name to the list and hopefully we all together can make a difference.

Thank you so much for all your help and support.

Adam Briggs


-          There should be a limit of dogs kept in the premises depending on how many people are supervising and taking care of the dogs.

-          Exercise needs to be compulsory

-          Limit on amount of puppies sold, regardless if a pet shop license is also in place

-          Regular check ups to confirm the bitches have no more litters than they should (1 a year, 6 during their entire life)

-          Smart Puppies/ Little Rascals should be closed, as they dont follow any of the above

-          They dont exercise their dogs

-          They dont check on their adult dogs regularly

-          They lie to their customers saying the parents of the puppies can be seen, when they usually sell puppies they buy from Ireland

-          Their puppies are not always in the best conditions and usually need veterinary attention (not long time ago a neighbour of this council heard the breeder say: I have lost 35 puppies in the past 2 weeks and laugh at the situation)

They are only 3 people taking care of over 200 dogs which leads into a mistreatment of all of them

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