Amazon: the senseless murder of wild species by public enterprises

Over the past few years it has become a nightmare to live in Brazil if one really cares about wildlife and preservation.With the ongoing decision of the brazilian government to go ahead with many hydroeletric plants enterprises at this very moment, we are watching, powerlessly, to the iminent extinction of our fauna & flora biodiversity. As many of us know, each hectare os the Amazon forest has a unique characteristic, where both plants and animals can be found, frequently specifically only on that small area. This is called  a microsystem in ecological language.At this very moment, with the devastation & deforestation of many areas, many of these animals, such as our "onça-pintada" __ already highly threatened  by illegal hunt and by local farmers __ are trying to escape and find new habitats, which is leading to even more killings of their species.Our wildlife numbers are decreasing year after year. IBAMA seems to be in full agreement with the government's careless attitude towards our environmental concerns and interests. I understand this is a real LOSS to the whole world, and not only to these animals or to me, or to brazilians.This is a claim for HELP, made in the name of those majestic creatures, for which no public department or authority seems to care. At the very least, it will work as a message to the world about Brazil's official attitude towards preservation of total non-concern, which many of us, brazilian citizens, just cannot accept.We understand there are CLEAN options of energy available , such as the eolic one, which could be implemented all along the brazilian extensive sea cost.A real SHAME do Brazil before the world's public and internal opinion.
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