Surveys over the years have shown that the vast
majority of Americans do not eat horsemeat. In fact,
the very thought of eating horseflesh is reprehensible
to most Americans. Even our own United States
Department of Agriculture (USDA) DOES NOT include
horses and/or equines on its "offical" list of approved
food-chain animals. Despite these facts, America has the
dark distinction of being the worlds largest
exporter of horses for human consumption abroad.

Under the United States Department of Agricultures own
regulations, the flesh of any animal is "capable of use as
human food." The term "capable" shall apply "to any carcass,
or part or product of a carcass of
 any animal.....


...or otherwise identified as required by regulations prescribed
by the Secretary to deter its use as human food, or it is naturally
inedible by humans."

Under this provision of the USDA's own regulations, it seems
that any animal or carcass would be suitable for human
consumption, that is, unless that particular animal or carcass
 was declared "denatured," by the USDA,......"or otherwise
identified as (required by the regs) "to
deter its use as human food." 

So what does it mean to "denature" something? We went
running to our Funkin' Wagnells to fnd out; 

de·na·ture: verb (used with object), -tured, -tur·ing.
1. to deprive (something) of its natural character,
properties, etc. render (any of various alcohols) unfit for drinking
by adding an unwholesome substance that does not
alter usefulness for other purposes.

3.Biochemistry. to treat (a protein or the like) by
chemical or physical means so as to alter its original
state. make (fissionable material) unsuitable for use in
an atomic weapon by mixing it with unfissionable material.

SO NOW WE KNOW:  to "denature" something is to
change the nature of it, that is, to add something or do
something to it to change it or alter it from its natural state. 

It is well known by The  American Equine Industry as well
as by the USDA itself, that American horses are routinely injected and/or dosed with toxic chemicals that are clearly
 marked "Not for use on animals intended for human
  In addition to yearly vaccinations, American
Horses are given wormer medications on a monthly basis, in
addition to regualr medications prescribled for pain, allergies
and other such normal, regular and expected equine malodies. 
In addition to that, many show, performance and race horses
are routinely injected with steriods to enhance their looks
and performance.  

Under these circumstances, it would seem that, American
horses by the very nature of our routine standard of care for
them, are denatured from their natural state by the use of all
the toxic drugs we inject or dose them with all marked,

Is this not a concern for the USDA? By allowing our tainted, toxin
filled horses to be exported abroad for human consumption, we
are  contributing to the poisoning of the worlds food-chain! It may
be a slow and silent poisoning but it is a poisoning none-the-less
for sure! Who knows what effect it is having on the consumers,
and, in the long run, to the consumers children, and the consumers childrens children?  There have been no studies
on this subject, as far as we know.

Isnt it time we asked Mr. Ed Schafer, the Secretary of
the USDA, to offically declare American Horses and their meat
as "tainted, adulterated and therefore denatured" and UNFIT
for human consumption anywhere in the world?  

We think it is time. By the USDAs very own regulations this
needs to be done.  

Of course the USDA will probably counter this argument by
coming up with  a 30 day quarantine requirement (if they
dont already have one!)  which would allow time for the
toxic drugs to leave the bodies of the horses, but even so, 
we doubt it will be enforced (without a fight) and will give us
 more legal ground to stand on when pushing for stricter
enforcment of complaince (and cruelty) laws. In any event, 
imposing a 30 day quarantine, if enforced,  will at the very
least slow down "the slaughter pipe-line," as would make it
more difficult and less profitable for the killers to process so
many horses if they have to feed them all for an extra 
month while they stand in quaranteen waitng for the drugs
to leave their system. Generally the horses
go "from stable to table" in seven (7) days or less, and that is
the way it would have to stay to make that "quick buck" off of
the slaughter. The killers do not want their "product" standing
around for any length of time. Time is money and they like to
keep the slaughter machine going just as fast as  it will go. 
A 30 day quarantine requirement would defininately slow 
down their operations and cost them money by cutting into
the profitability of their operations. 

*Footnote: There are always "nay-sayers" and people who will
cast doubt on any new strategy or campaign, or say it cant be
done. For an example, we received this in reply to our petition;

"Nice try, but it's a bit too late for that, since we're not
slaughtering horses for human consumption in the USA anymore.
Our regulations on what we consider fit for human consumption does
not apply to animals being exported LIVE to other countries for slaughter.
Now, if someone in Congress pulls a slow one on us, to try and get
slaughter re-instated in the USA, then this little tactic might work.
But as things stand now, it would have little to no effect."

Here is our reply:

"Maybe some people wont see it that way. Anyway you look at
it, we are contributing to the poisoning of the worlds food supply by
not "offically" warning the world about it.
I understand your doubtfullness but not your unwillingness to at
least TRY to get this matter of GLOBAL importance addressed. Do you
have any better ideas, we mean other than "the usual stuff," like
calling and faxing and writing and asking nicely? If so, we would love
to hear them. At least we keep an open mind and are willing to try
ANYTHING that might work OR at least draw attention to the matter..
Thanks for caring."

We also advised this "nay-sayer" of the following relevant portions
of the USDA regs, and advised her to Study Up! Sec.  601 (k) & 2(b) 
does apply back retroactivly to live animals; " as states ,..
If it (b) bears or contains (by reason of administration of any
substance to the live animal or otherwise
) any added poisonous
or added deleterious substance..."

If you think this is a cause worth fighting for, regardless
of the intricacies of the regs,...please sign the petition
and let the powers-that-be (PTB) know what you think
about this matter of utmost importance and of GLOBAL
concern.  Remember, it is their job to care! 

USDA Regs. §602. Congressional statement of findings.
Meat and meat food products are an important source of the Nations total supply of food. They are consumed throughout the Nation and the major portion thereof moves in interstate or foreign commerce. It is essential in the public interest that the health and welfare of consumers be protected by assuring that meat and meat food products distributed to them are wholesome, not adulterated, and properly marked, labeled, and packaged. Unwholesome, adulterated, or misbranded meat or meat food products impair the effective regulation of meat and meat food products in interstate or foreign commerce, are injurious to the public welfare, destroy markets for wholesome, not adulterated, and properly labeled and packaged meat and meat food products, and result in sundry losses to livestock producers and processors of meat and meat food products, as well as injury to consumers. The unwholesome, adulterated, mislabeled, or deceptively packaged articles can be sold at lower prices and compete unfairly with the wholesome, not adulterated, and properly labeled and packaged articles, to the detriment of consumers and the public generally. It is hereby found that all articles and animals which are regulated under this chapter are either in interstate or foreign commerce or substantially affect such commerce, and that regulation by the Secretary and cooperation by the States and other jurisdictions as contemplated by this chapter are appropriate to prevent and eliminate burdens upon such commerce, to effectively regulate such commerce, and to protect the health and welfare of consumers. 

USDA Regs Sec. 601:

Below are links to our "Targeted Ones,"..we encourage all to bombard them with calls and emails and faxes to let them know your concerns regarding this issue, and that you would like to see American Horses and their flesh offically declared "denatured." You can BET the Pro-Slaughters will be contacting them too, on this, opposing us with their twisted and self-centered, greed-driven  points of view. We against equine slaughter vastly out-number them, there is NO doubt about that. They know it very well and you can believe, ... it does scares the hell out of them!  So we must make a BIG noise. But numbers are not the only advantage we have over the pro-slaughter folk,.......we also have all the FACTS and the TRUTHS on our side; and one such truth is this:  Real red-blooded "normal thinking" adverage Americans DO NOT eat horses, and think it reprehensible, down right barbaric, and even unpatriotic! Real Americans dont eat horses, period. Its a matter of fact and we aim to keep it that way.   

More Facts;

Horse-slaughter is a horrible, repulsive, brutal, inhumane, agonizing way to end a horses life. The reality is that horse slaughter is a completely un-necessary evil, motovated and perpetuated only by the greed of those who are "in it" for the money. There is simply put, no reason for it. There are other, much more humane ways to end a horses life. For example,  real humane euthansia, done on the farm in familiar territory surrounded by familiar people, performed by a vet thru a painless injection. Cant afford euthansia? Even a well placed bullet to a horses brain is better than slaughter. So what is the real problem here? The real problem is that slaughter pays while real humane euthansia costs. Its no secret anymore, much and as hard as the pro-slaughter folk will deny,...its all about the almighty dollar, an easy way to make a buck, and NOT about "needing" a way to dispose of "so-many unwanted" horses.  Wise up people, and dont believe the pro-slaughter hype.

Although the video in the link below was filmed before the closing of the last equine slaughterhouse in the USA, it is still a powerful commentary on the what our American horses are still going through today, and the heartlessness of the people in the industry involved in it. Watch and listen as workers in a Mexican slaughterhouse cheer a co-worker on as he brutally and repeatedly stabs a terrified horse to death;

Then be sure and come back and bombard these people & orgs in the links below with your comments; We must be relentless in this task. We must demand action NOW.

The United States Department Of Agriculture; (USDA)!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_1OB?navtype=MA&navid=ABOUT_USDA

The United States Food & Drug Administration; (FDA)

The Codex Alimentarius Commission; (CAC)

Thank You  Signers!! 
Together, we can make a difference! 

Friends of Equines Society FOES of Equine Slaughter
"Because We Care"  

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