Release Animal Rights Activists NOW!!! Go arrest real criminals!!!

  • by: Marta M.
  • target: Department of Justice, including the Attorney General
Animal Rights Activists were called terrorists for defending Animals tested in laboratories, Animals from fur farms, Animals that was only born to become food for people who don't seek for other alternatives just because they don't want. It's easy being Vegan but instead almost everyone don't do nothing to change the world wich gives all the weight of the worlf on these heroes shoulders and they end up having to take continued actions as pacific protests, and when that doesn't work they tried to release the Animals them  selves.They are kept separated from each other on purpose, none of the Activists were arrested together, some are even confined in dark and small room for 23 hours everyday! They are considered dangerous and a big threat in prision while they never spilled any drop of blood, none of them.They are gentle and sweet souls that never hurted any living being, Vegans that are forced to eat meat if they don't pay and buy their own food, compassionate people that will spend 20 years among rapists, pedophilies, murderers, real criminals... While outside the clearly corrupted Police and Government lets Animal Abusers that even ended up killing the Animal free. Many Animal abusers only go in for 1 year, and they are released. When everyone knows by now that all serial killers started from killing animals then went to humans. Killing Animals is not normal, it shows physicological and moral issues of an individual.Write to the Department of Justice, including the Attorney General to this e-mail and speak up!!! askdoj@usdoj.govRise! Make a difference.Enough is enough!Innocent heroes that was doing what none of us have the guts to were arrested for FREE SPEECH, don't let them opress us!!!They were even charged of conspiracy.To know more visit: please go into the first 2 links and send them letters and birthday cards. Without support any human can't stand this reality. They did what they did not only for the Animals, they did because they love Earth and the people in it.The media is trying to make whalers as heroes in Japan, sealers as heroes in Canada, corrupted police officers as tools of justice in US and UK, don't believe in any of that. Turn on the TV, that's brain wash and mind control. The real news are not there, TV it's suggestion, there they tell YOU what to do and how to react.
Their tool now is to embarasse. They make people who do the right thing be ashamed by giving them bad publicity. People who call Animal Rights Activists terrorists are just people with weak mind that have been brain washed, you don't want to be that. If they are saving lives how so many idiots can call them terrorists?
Did you forget?? Terrorists attach bombs to their selves and KILL. They kill kids, women, men, they don't care.These so call eco terrorists are speaking up, showing banners, the world crazy? That is no terrorism!
We all should be doing what they did, not criticizing them.They are modern life heroes.
In the past William Wallace, Joanna D'Arc were also missunderstood, they were even killed, the punishment changed but it's happening all over again. The powerful tries to make the heroes as villans and even today there are many falling for that.
Stop being stupid! This is your Earth too!!! There's not country limits! Our home is the entire planet!!
What will take to you to wake up? When the last fish chokes on water pollution? Will we all wait until more entire species vanishes from Earth?
"Its time to liberate, educate andagitate." - Walter Bond, unfairly arrested.
Please, as Animal, Eco and Earth lovers we are here to ask of you to released these pacific people that the media calls terrorists right now! We ask of you to put the real criminals in jail.
They did never drop any blood or hurted anyone, not even the people the media claims they were terrorizing. It's time to end government corruption as making the police acting this way clearly shows that criminals are not going to jail anymore, but activists, people who have to stand up by their selves as the last resource they could find. They are doing this because no one else is looking up for innocent Animals, that's all. If you ask for their dreams it will always be to not have to act and protest anymore.
Those Animal Rights Activists who released animals are just compassionate beings who couldn't stand the fact they were going to be mutilated, cutted open without anesthesics, tortured, injected with drugs and receive cancer and other deseases... They couldn't sleep thinking in this possibility, that's all the reason why they did it. Again, they are COMPASSIONATE.
We don't want to live in a world where people that do the right thing goes to jail. We are sure that after this real justice will be made. Most of the world haven't been brain washed by this crazy idea they could possibly be terrorist, but instead we are very disappointed with the accusations and the way things were handled. 
Don't use the word conspiracy and terrorism in vain anymore. It lost it's meaning. A terrorist is someone who can tie a bomb to his body and do a holocaust, who can KILL, who can take with him kids, women... These ACTIVISTS were SAVING lives!!!
Conspirators want to gain somethign with their actions. These ACTIVISTS did not want ANYTHYNG for their selves, they were selfless in their actions not even thinking about their own freedom but in the ANIMAL's freedom, that shows a lot about these people.
Release them now!!!We are not paying taxes so you do this to the people standing up for PEOPLE.Activists are doing what the GOVERNMENT should be doing! And you are paid for it!!
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