April's Law Wisconsin

  • by: Youth Voice Initiative
  • target: Wisconsin Senator Van Wangaard & Assembly Representatives Robin Vos, Cory Mason & Bob Turner.


We, the undersigned, as citizens and registered voters, do hereby petition for the passage of the following laws to see all child predators have mandatory sentences that prohibit them from returning to the streets to re-offend.  As citizens of the United States, we believe that the sentencing guidelines for those who kidnap, sexually molest and/or kill children, (any personage 17 and under) are entirely too lenient.

April's Law State Petition was enacted because we recognize that those who prey on children cannot be rehabilitated.  Below are just two of the countless research studies performed to support our position.

1.     Seto, M. (2009). "Pedophilia," Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 5, 391-407.

"There is no evidence to suggest that pedophilia can be changed." (From abstract.)

2.     Berlin, Fred S., Saleh, Fabian M., and Malin, H. Martin (2009). "Mental Illness and Sex Offending," in Sex Offenders, p. 124. Oxford University Press US.

"In the past, efforts to "recondition" homosexuality were a clear failure. The same would appear to be true of methods intended to "recondition" paraphilic conditions such as pedophilia."


As stated above, there is no cure for these criminal tendencies and our children are in eminent danger.  We are also tired of hearing about child predators being released back into our streets so that they may re-offend.  We believe that just punishment for the following crimes should be as such:

1st degree murder of a child: Will automatically be a capital offense. This will also include any death of a child as the result of abuse and/or neglect. Conviction will result in an automatic sentence of life without parole.

Child Rape: Mandatory life sentence.

Child Pornography:
1. Distribution: 25 years to life
2. Simple possession with no intent to distribute: minimum sentence of 15 years.

This law does not intend to target high-school sweethearts acting in a consensual relationship. 

This is intended to go along with the federal version, which petition is located here:  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/worldwide-petition-for-aprils-law-in-the-us

We, the undersigned, believe that the children are our future, and that they must be protected. 

Why We Need April's Law
To rid the internet of predators that prey on children. In our efforts we have run into a peculiar problem with what we call Legal Pedophile Web Sites. These sites are run mostly by child sex offenders that celebrate and promote crimes against children. The sad part is that they are protected by our 1st Amendment. As you know, the First Amendment can not be touched.  That is why we need the Internet Law, April's Law. This is groundbreaking legislation that we need passed. It will be the first attempt at an internet law to protect children from predators who conspire against them on-line.  In our attempts to shut them down ourselves through public outcry, Lika Saliscente, the founder of Youth Voice Initiative, was threatened by a supporter of these Legal Pedophile Web Sites, to be sued, as well as reported as fraud for standing up to these issues. These are the kind of web sites and people that are protected by our First Amendment online.  Did our forefathers die for this type of freedom?  No, they died to protect children.

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