Charge Salazar/BLM/Catoor with Animal Cruelty & &&&&&&

The death toll in the Calico roundups is 119 and rising daily. A federal judge advised the BLM not to do these roundups but they did it anyway. Two colts had their hooves literally run off when chased relentlessly by the helicopters, they laid in agony on the cold ground for 10 days before they died. The mustangs are suffering metabolic breakdown and languishing in captivity. Animal cruelty as described in Section 574.100 of NV law prohibits the overdriving, overloading, torture, cruel beating or unjustifiable injuring, maiming, mutilation or killing of an animal as well as deprivation of necessary sustenance, food or drink. On the last day of roundup, 30 horses were left in traps overnight without water after being chased many miles by helicopter, which in itself is torture. THESE MUSTANGS WERE STOLEN FROM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC: Theft is usually defined as the unlawful taking of another person's property without their consent & with intent to permanently deprive the victim(s) of the property.  WE THE PEOPLE DID NOT GIVE OUR CONSENT FOR THESE MUSTANGS TO BE REMOVED FROM OUR PUBLIC LAND.  No one is above the law and Ken Salazar, Bob Abbey, and Catoor need to be arrested and charged with Animal Cruelty/Torture/Neglect and Theft of Property and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We the undersigned, Ask that you uphold the laws of animal cruelty and theft regarding our American mustangs. Ken Salazar has stated "wild horses don't belong on public lands" at a 2008 Colorado town hall meeting. 1971 Congress mandated otherwise.  It is clear to the American public that under Salazar's direction the BLM intends to eradicate the American wild mustangs from public lands set aside for them by Congress. The atrocities being committed upon our iconic symbols of our Western Heritage is not acceptable to the American's that own them and the land they inhabit. 
We The People
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