Ask the American Kennel Club to Take a Stand Against Puppy Mills

The original Kennel Club in the UK is actively campaigning against puppy mills, with its campaign featuring in high-status magazines and reaching an audience who might not know much about the issue otherwise.

The American Kennel Club, on the other hand, is doing almost nothing. On its website it says "The AKC strongly opposes the breeding of dogs by those who do so without regard for the dogs' welfare.". However, the organisation does very little to help stop the intensive and cruel breeding of dogs.

An organisation as influential as the AKC could make a huge difference if it remembered what its purpose is and took a much stronger position. The only people it might alienate are irresponsible breeders, which the club shouldn't be associating with anyway.

We the undersigned ask that the American Kennel Club speak out against puppy mills. The first Kennel Club, that in the UK, is already very actively campaigning against the irresponsible and cruel breeding of dogs, pedigree or otherwise, so reaching an audience who might not realize the importance of buying responsibly-bred puppies otherwise.

We request that the American Kennel Club do likewise, using its reputation and influence to further what is supposed to be its basic aim, the improvement of dogs. Genuine dog lovers, including responsible breeders, dog trainers, dog handlers, and veterinarians, would only support such a move.

At the moment, the AKC projects an image of sitting on the fence, reluctant to comment either way, which makes the club appear ineffectual. Puppy mills are not a controversial issue - the only people in favor are those running them - and there is no need to behave as though it were. We think it is time the AKC got down off the fence and took a much more proactive role.

Thank you for your attention

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