Stop Discrimination AT&T

Petition AT&T to Respect All Rights of your Employees

We the undersigned, hereby petition AT&T a multi billion dollar corporation to protect and respect the rights of its employees.

The issues we ask you to address and take action to protect your employees involve several highly unusual questions of exceptional nation importance, the practices of your company seen in several states throughout our country severely diminishes the value of the U.S. Constitution.

The actions effect the public nationally and may even be directly effecting the economy.

We, your petitioners can understand that at times FMLA, ADA and state workers%u2019 compensation laws are like the Bermuda triangle having little to no opinions or clarifications when all 3 apply to qualified employees, as such the high demand to clarify such statues that provide protection have been amended, however even with amendments to the ADA and the FMLA that contain even much clearer text, your large corporation among others continually overlook the clear text and Congress true intent.

AT&T cannot and should not establish a precept that would encourage other employers to engage in same practices that deny rights to their employees.

We petition AT&T to conduct its own internal investigation to establish were the problems lye and take appropriate actions regarding victims of such practices that have caused your employees, and former employees to suffer.

Without going into extreme detail of facts and other known victim situations, we ask you please see below yet another attempt of your employee to get help and exercise her rights, you simply cannot allow this continue. The utter disregard for this employees rights allows for all us reasonable petitioners to conclude this employee is not the only victim, and there is serious need for AT&T to address and correct the issues.

Sincerely yours,

Petitioners of AT&T

Re: Demand of Payment of Underpaid Benefits

Ree: 24th Demand for Nurse Case Manager

Reee: Repeated Demand for Appeal and Complaint Process

Reeee: Repeated Demand for Return to Work ADA Accommodations sought, recommended and confirmed as needed.

Reeeee: Repeated Demand to engage in the Law Required ADA interactive Process.

Claim No. A825XXXXXX-0001-01 - Sharon Murray


Dear whom ever has the Professional Ethical Qualities, Respects Federal law, State Laws, ILWC laws, and URAC mandatory standards .

I Sharon Murray, injured employee of AT&T Mobility, make yet again, demands rights and benefits, I, as matter of law, am entitled.

1: After reviewing my records, my time card and my attendance history I have discovered that the dates 01/08/2008, 01/26/2008, 01/28/2008, 02/20/2008, 02/21/2008 I have missed per AT&T due to my work related injuries was paid to me, however those dates need to be removed from my attendance history, perhaps they had been overlooked and or intentionally counted against me, none the less they are to be removed per contract and law, wherefore I demand my attendance history be updated accordingly and I be provided a updated copy.


2: The following dates 01/04/2008, 01/22/2008, 02/02/2008, 02/08/2008 I have missed work per AT&T due to my work related injuries remain unpaid to me, these dates for what ever reason also remain on my attendance history and I am entitled to this money under contract and law, wherefore, I Sharon Murray, demand the money owed to me for this time missed be paid immediately, my attendance history updated accordingly and I be provided a updated copy.

Keep in mind the forgoing are dates AT&T Mobility personally declared missed do to my work injuries, please review contract and laws most specifically : The Collective Bargaining Agreement Relevant, The ILWCA, The Rules That Govern Practice Before The Commission , The American%u2019s With Disabilities Act and URAC mandatory standards.

3: I demand payment of money owed to me from March 19, 2008 through April 28, 2008, NBH would tell me AT&T owes me this money, AT&T HR One Stop tells me Sedgwick owes me this money, Sedgwick tells me that NBH owes me this money, Wherefore, many will receive a copy of this demand via U.S. Mail with proof of delivery, some via fax and some via email.

4: I demand payment of underpaid benefits from August 29, 2009 through August 31, 2009

5: I demand money owed me in contracted raises, my raises are not earned they are bargained for, wherefore as matter of law I am entitled to my raises.

6: I Sharon Murray for about now the 30 times , hereby, demand yet again a Nurse Case Manager, and an accommodation specialist.

7: My employer (AT&T Thru TPA) sent me to see Dr. Stuart Baker on 02/22/2010 for recommendations on return to work accommodations, and medical necessity for surgery, I have yet to receive the money I am owed for travel expense to attend, for Sedgwick failed to met their duty under the law to provide me these funds, I was forced to pay out of my own pocket theses expenses I demand I be refunded with interest.

8: Currently my workers compensation benefits have been yet again interrupted without notice and without just cause, nor have I been provided any sort of required appeal process to dispute adverse actions made., I demand my benefits be restored with interest. AT&T owes me a duty under the federal ada in fact AT&T admit I am owed this duty by sending me to Dr. Baker for return to work accommodation recommendations, I am owed a duty under ilwca, URAC and other state laws.

I demand that you engage in the law required interactive process to return me to work so I may have equal opportunity in employment, recovery, health, safety, way of life and reach my maximum independent functioning.

9: I demand any and all other money and rights owed to me, not already mentioned be paid.

10: Although asking you to comply with federal and state laws is something I should not have to do, I have repeatedly asked and demanded that you comply with federal law, many state laws, rules that govern practice, URAC mandatory standards, and the collective bargaining agreement, however you have repeatedly failed and refused to comply, wherefore I yet again demand that you comply with all laws federal and state, all rules, URAC mandatory standards and all agreements.

11: I have repeatedly demanded and I yet again demand the conflict of interest PROHIBITED by laws and PROHIBITED by URAC mandatory standards be stopped. Kimberly White cannot by law decide compensability for the company AT&T and act as my NCM managing my health care, my recovery, my independence, my way of life.

12: I demand , yet again all appeal procedures, and the complaint process. I demand I be given all proper notices and information on rights I am entitled. I demand to be treated equally and fairly .


I am entitled to all outlined in this demand as matter of law.

Be advised that failing to properly respond and/or dispute my demands I am entitled to as matter of law, will be deemed admittance of all contained within this demand and admittance I am owed all I have demanded. I will also consider your continued refusal to respect me enough to at least respond as additional intentional malicious refusal of my rights to appeals including any and all other rights I am entitled.

note basically this means if you ignore me like you always ignore me I can assume that you agree that all of the above demands are owed, you will intention refuse me appeal processes, and for what ever reason, you believe yourself to be above the all law federal and state, above the United States Constitution and Congress, however just because you believe you may be above these authorities does not mean that you are above them, and I will be forced to assume that my only remaining option is to file federal charges against all involved individually and as a corporation.

Executed on this 8, day in February 2011

Respectfully Submitted By:

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