Ban Alligator Wrestling in Florida

  • by: Carin Zellerman
  • recipient: Florida State Legislature, Government of Florida, Florida Governor Crist
Alligator wrestling is one of Florida's worst attractions.

During wrestling shows, alligators are roughly treated and intentionally provoked in order to entertain a crowd. The show begins when an alligator is dragged by the tail into the center of a ring. Wrestlers may torment the animal with a stick or hit the animal on the nose until the animal opens his or her mouth (to show the alligator's teeth to the crowd). Wrestlers often jump onto the alligator's back, or force the mouth closed and attempt to flip the animal. This can cut off circulation to the brain, and the show ends with the overturned alligator losing consciousness.

After decades as a roadside attraction in Florida, alligator wrestling is fortunately becoming less common. Please ask the Florida legislature to completely ban alligator wrestling !

We, the undersigned, believe that alligator wrestling is a display of animal cruelty and exploitation. Alligator wrestling is a cruel and unnecessary practice that has no place in a modern society. Animals used as props in displays become stressed when they are transported from one strange place to another, and they are often subjected to cruel treatment and dangerous situations. During these events, alligators are manhandled and intentionally provoked to exhibit aggression in order to entertain a crowd. The rough grip and force required may cut off circulation to the brain, rendering the alligator unconscious. Also, these events can be extremely dangerous for the wrestlers and may result in severe injuries or mutilations.

There is nothing educational about the harassment and abuse of wildlife.

Please ban alligator wrestling in Florida !
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