Ban Wood Burning Except in Emergency Situations

Whereas research proves children receive greater exposure to environmental pollutants, (Dioxins Mott 1995, OEHHA 2000)Given laws exist to protect children from cigarette smoke, evidence proves  that wood smoke is worse than cigarette smoke therefore binding regulation is obligatory to prevent a more severe threat to children and all Canadians. Legislation must be adopted to ban

Dr. Brian Day, of the Canadian Medical Association states, â%uFFFD%uFFFD In Canada the children and the elderly pay the highest price for pollution.â%uFFFD%uFFFD

Given that respiratory disease is the number on cause of death in children, That Mr. Louis  Brisson states, â%uFFFD%uFFFDWood burning is killing our childrenâ%uFFFD%uFFFD (Quebec Lung Association), 

that Dr. Juneau (CMC) states with several supporting physicians (Dr. Vincent Health Canada) that even short term exposure can trigger a crisis, death heart attacks or chronic avoidable deaths in children,

that research concludes wood smoke is 40 times more toxic than cigarette smoke, and contains the same toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke Cooper, 1990, Prof P.K. Hopke Clarkson University, that wood smoke is more likely to cause cancer than the same amount of tobacco smoke and lasts in blood cells 12 times longer than cigarette smoke( J.Lewtas, EPA)  wood smoke. Whereas the rightful enjoyment of life, health, home and property, as well as the chances to live a healthy life which Canadians are now denied, we demand this in the name of the environment for our children and tomorrow's children. We the Citizens of Canada demand legislation that would ban wood burning except in emergency, we demand  a halt to promotions of false claims of EPA Certified, a light cigarette stove burning, We demand that our right to air, our constitutional right to life, safety of home and health be restored, that our children not be forced to breathe wood smoke over 22000 times each day. Thank you from a mother who has witnessed what cancer can do to children! Wood smoke is a carcinogen. Children are at very high risk for asthma now but much worse later. We support banning wood burning as far too often our children and we all are losing our health because of breathing what industry has made  sure we see as a friendly smoke. We must awaken to the dire disease caused by wood smoke. Thank you for all your efforts in placing health and environment as the priority. Help others to unveil the industry smoke screen that has made billions selling light cigarette stove EPA certified wood smoke! Save our childrenfrom being child smokers!
Ban wood smoke.
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