Begin the Process to Repeal Citizen's United the week of March 21, 2012

WHEREAS there are currently concurrent bills pending that call for an Amendment to overturn the Citizens United v. F.E.C. decision of the U.S. Supreme Court being delayed in Congress.  All of those bills are being delayed in Committees and sub-Committees intentionally while Congress convenes early, debates frivolous issues, and pork up bills so that they are assured non-passage.  The House and Senate Majority Leaders could easily remedy this situation but refuse to. 
WHEREAS the People of the United States have the right to free and fair elections, and allowing Corporations and the Rich and the Ultra Rich to have an overwhelming voice in the "marketplace of ideas that is the media" tips the cart of fairness to their side.
Whereas Congress has refused to act and the President has "vaguely" said he is concerned about the influence of money on politics, We, the People must take action.

THEREFORE WE, THE PEOPLE decree the week of March 21, 2012 "BEGIN THE PROCESS TO REPEAL CITIZENS UNITED WEEK" . Beginning on the first day of Spring We, the People shall begin calling our Representatives and Senators and demanding that they pass a law calling for passage of the amendment proposed by the Deutch/Sanders bills..

A coordinated assault on the political system is necessary to obtain the amendment necessary to repeal citizens. Here is a concrete proposal, that I am sharing with as many as possible. Please spread the word.

Set March 21, 2012, first day of spring and the following week as The People Tell Congress What to Do Week. That week all Occupy/99%/unaffiliated/anyone contacts their individual House Representative and both their Senators to tell them to vote yes on the Deutch/Sanders bill. 

Information is partially prepared with names and phone numbers of representatives on and a complete list of current Senators with phones and fax numbers. Some documents also there. Anyone is free to adapt what they say to Senator to their own views.!/petition/restore-democracy-ending-corporate-personhood/KQYzl8S5

That is the link to the President’s petition page for repeal of Citizen’s. He will take a position once this petition hits 25k.  In order to sign this petition one must open an account in the We, the People feature of the page.

If we all take this action we will have an effect.  Signing this Petition is a Pledge to Contact Congress.

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