Blind Hippo is being abused by Jumbo Circus - Sukanya Kadyan

To protect blind hippo, feathers chopped birds, docked tail dogs, abused camels, horses, cats and elephants needs attention.. Cruel practices are still continue in the Jumbo circus at Panipat, so let us shake hands to fight for rescue and rehabilitation of all these animals.


The SHO,

Police Station City,


Subject: FIR against Managing Partner of Jumbo Circus Shri Ajay Shankar and Shri Ashok Shankar etc for the Violation of the section 3, 11 and 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 read the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and 120-B, 420, 428-429 IPC / CITES regarding.


Kindly refer to the Jumbo Circus stationed at Rohtak up to October 17, 2011 and now camp at Panipat and regular performance with the blind Hippo, docked tails dogs, cats, feather chopped birds and Elephants are being abused with the ban iron ankush.

Please find enclosed here with the Rajasthan High Court (Jaipur Bench) orders banning on iron ankush on elephants, blind hippo can’t performed, docking of dog tails is also an offense and all performing animals should be registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India – AWBI and pre transport permit is also necessary before shifting of animals as per section 96-97 of the Cattle Transport Rules, 1978 amended in 2001, camels are being shifted in a very cruel manner, birds feathers are chopped.

Where as Jumbo circus have many docked tails dogs, cats, Elephants and blind hippo to perform, AWBI reports says that the Board has issued the registration of following animals vide letter of even number dated 13.5.2004:-

 Elephant – 8, Horses – 13, Dogs – 13, Hippo – 1, Parrots – 15, Camels – 3, Pelicans – 1. In continuation to the above, few animals were added by the above Circus and the same was registered by the Board vide letter of no.8-2/1277/P-2009 FC dated 7th September, 2009:-
Donkey -2, Goat – 1, Turkey -2, Dog – 13, Persian Cat -8 and Emu – 1 but all these animals are not with the circus, might be placed on hire or performing with some unidentified similar name circus in Kerala or else where, in case of exotic species CITES instructions may kindly be looked in to.
Camels and Elephants are being shifted in a very cruel manner from Rajasthan to Panipat via Rohtak and rest of the animals are being shifted with out proper documents, pre transport permit of AWBI, where as the cage of the blind Hippo is also not up to the mark as defined in the legislation's concerned, docking tail of a dog / chopping feathers of a birds are also offense under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 read with the CITES / WP Act, 1972 along with IPC 120-B, 420 misreporting / cheating public because Jumbo circus released posters in which blind Hippo which is banned by the CWLW along with docked tail dogs were offered to perform to attract public. In case of elephants Jumbo circus don't have the proper equipments like tranquilizer gun, Veterinarian etc to handle these animals in emergency.
So video recording is essential during loading, shifting, housing and performance of animals, inbreeding be stopped and all animals should be sterilized, cc tv camera's be installed to watch movements of the public, to avoid any mishap in public interest.

so all these animals may kindly be rescued and FIR against owners of the Jumbo circus stationed at Panipat may be lodged for the violation of the section 3, 11, 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 read with the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 along with 120-B, 420, 428-429 IPC / CITES. PFA Haryana – is ready to rehabilitate all rescued animals during court trials. Central Zoo Authority directed to the Delhi Zoo Director to send their Veterinary Surgeon to inspect the blind Hippo, where as Mini Zoo at Bhiwani also waiting for blind Hippo rescue and rehabilitation after seizure.


Naresh Kadyan,

Chairman, PFA Haryana and Representative of the OIPA in India,

C-38, Rose Apartment, sector – 14, Rohini, Prashant Vihar, DELHI – 110085.

Mobile – 9813010595 Email –

Cc to:

1. The Chief Wild Life Warden, Haryana. He is expected to issue directions to all field functionaries for strict compliance of the Rajasthan High Court (Jaipur Bench) orders banning iron ankush, these orders are already sent for appropriate orders. He is further requested to rescue the Laxmi female elephants from the possession of the Wildlife SOS at Agra because this female elephants belongs to Haryana and notice u/s 55 already issued by us many years back, like wise unregistered Elephants with the CZA is performing at Gurgaon with Apollo Circus with the criminal conspiracy of the field officials.

2. The Member Secretary, Central Zoo Authority of India, New Delhi. He is expected to issue directions to the Veterinary Surgeon of the Delhi Zoo through its Director to examine the blind Hippo now stationed in Jumbo Circus at Panipat, if found medically unfit then this animal be rescued and rehabilitated with Mini Zoo at Bhiwani.

3. The Chairman, Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai. He is expected to review the registration as performance animals for all animals registered with AWBI as per rules made out by the Central Government under section 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960:

A. Blind / Sick / Injured / medically unfit animals like blind hippo with Jumbo Circus and how regularly performance registration renewed till date and why this blind animal is being compelled to perform?

B. Feathers chopped birds and how their performance registration is being renewed regularly till date?

C. Docked tails dogs, how their performance registration renewed till date and Jumbo circus at Panipat have docked tails performing dogs?

D. Iron ankush is being used on all animals and Rajasthan High Court (Jaipur Bench) have passed an order banning iron ankush then how and why AWBI found elephants as eligible performing animals, where as iron ankush has been used to control?

E. Camels are being abused during transportation from one place to another by road transport with our prior permit from AWBI as per section 96-97 of the Cattle Transport Rules, 1978 amended in 2001 then how and why AWBI issuing registration certificates to all?

4. The Director, Animal Welfare Division (Government of India), New Delhi.

5. The Deputy Commissioner at Panipat. He is requested to constitute a panel of the Veterinary Expert to examine all performing animals with the Jumbo Circus at Panipat under video recording.

Complaint has been lodged by Naresh Kadyan with the Police Station, Rohtak City bearing No. 127-5 PII dated October 19, 2011 Book No. 19, Receipt No. 64 and with the SHO, Panipat City.

It would be pertinent to mention here that during the stay of Jumbo circus at Bhatinda, the Central Zoo Authority of India issued directions for blind Hippo rehabilitation with the Chhatbir Zoo vide their letter No. 19-53 / 92-CZA(224)(N) dated November 7, 2002 and now the Chief Wildlife Warden of Haryana banned the performance of the blind Hippo and use of Iron Ankush on elephants vide letter No. 2564-66 dated October 21, 2011. So OIPA in India and PFA Haryana demanding immediate confiscation of blind Hippo, docked tails dogs, cats, abused horses, camels, feathers chopped birds and elephants.
Exotic Birds, which are covered by CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species) needs attention. Big scandal in the history of Indian circus exposed by the OIPA in India and PFA Haryana. Jumbo circus have two branches with out approval, which is against the legislation's concerned but AWBI, AWD, CZA and all state CWLW are cheated by the Jumbo circus management, one branch of Jumbo circus at Panipat and another unit playing since 30.09.2011 at Nagampadom Maidan,Kottayam, Kerala. CZA sent a Veterinarian from Delhi Zoo to inspect all performing animals but concerned deputed veterinarian never visit second illegal units, where as AWBI deputed raw person co-opted member to kill the investigations. OIPA in India demands immediate rescue of all abused animals, FIR and arrest of all members of the management including owners, WCCB / CBI may be asked to investigate big scandal, how AWBI / CZA allowed these blunder crime against performing animals, tainted official's of the AWBI / CZA be booked and all performing animals registered by the CZA / AWBI be looked in to during investigation by the WCCB / CBI, where as many circuses have illegal exotic birds / animals.

 Naresh Kadyan

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