End Shaming Ads: Get Facts About Diabetes

Bloomberg's right; obesity is out of control, but NYC ads blame victims, and their focus on portion size misses the mark. He defends ads like one of a diabetic with an amputated limb sitting with cups of soda and argues that this shock-education saves lives.

But what of the government's role in this crisis?
For over half a century, the FDA let industry fool the public about trans fats that "...are in large part responsible for our national obesity and health crisis." (Enid).  Diabetes' link to herbicides is well known, and USDA is now considering Dow's 2,4-D for GMO corn, which fattens cattle, depletes soil, and its use in food is out of control. Corn syrup is a HUGE cause of weight gain says an ABC report. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDbocZ438f0&feature=player_embedded

The prescribing of drugs that cause diabetes, especially to children, is also out of control.

Tell Bloomberg & Farley to correct their fat-shaming ads.
We, the undersigned, do not dispute that portion size and sugary drinks play a role in weight gain and diabetes. However we also know that government policies and practices have played and continue to play a bigger role in this health crisis.

Therefore, for you to fail to acknowledge these facts and, much worse, to blame the victims of policies designed to profit our huge corporations like Monsanto, Dow, and the food industry, in general, is unfair and unacceptable.

Research abounds on how trans fats (hydrogenated oils) cause weight gain and diabetes, not only by attacking and damaging bodily cells but by blocking good fats from being absorbed. The research on the adverse effects on humans, as well as the environment, caused by modern chemical farming methods and genetically-modified crops is voluminous. Similarly well-researched is the link of diabetes to antipsychotic drugs and herbicides, especially those similar in structure to Agent Orange, like 2,4-D, which the UDSA is right now in the process of considering for use on corn and other crops. Recent high-profile reports on the over-drugging of foster children should leave no doubt that prescribing of antipsychotics is out of control, and government programs are pushing these drugs on children, with Medicaid paying the bill.

We request you get a real education about the causes of diabetes and obesity and the role the U.S. government plays in this health crisis and put forth a more honest and compassionate effort of educating the public. More important we urge you to help change these government policies and practices that continue to cause or exacerbate ill health.

It just so happens that the District Court in Manhattan is hearing a case against Monsanto's patenting (ownership) of seeds this week (January 31st), and The USDA is trying to rush through Dow's attempt to get 2,4-D-Resistant Corn approved by February 27th.  It would be good if NYC Health would focus some of its efforts on supporting those who are trying to save our food supply from complete and irrevocable contamination.

Also, Mr. Cleo Berry, has just contacted the media to report that he is the man in the photo, that he does NOT have an amputated leg, and he is very upset over the manipulation of his image. This is just one more reason to protest the offensiveness of these ads.

Please come up with a campaign that is less offensive and more honest and therefore more likely to get to the root of our health problems.

Thank you for you serious consideration to these important concerns.
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