Boycott an Economy of Slaughter

  • by: Brea R.
  • recipient: The President, Senators, Representatives, Governors, and elected officials
This is a world-wide effort.  We welcome support from around the globe, since wolves belong to all of humanity, not just the US.  America's landscape will suffer the travesty of an incomplete legacy if state management plans do not provide reasonable and responsible wolf management.   Regardless of whatever politics has mandated, wolves will continue to be endangered as long as there is a persistent, reckless concern for their survival. 

Wolves have absolutely nothing to do with federal spending, just as personal or political agendas have nothing to do with honor.  I am appalled at the overall lack of character within government, as well as the manner in which the wolf's situation has been abused by those entrusted with pivotal positions of authority.  This tragic situation  further highlights the unholy alliance between dominant lobbies and career politicians.

This petition is to spread awareness of the injustice of delisting the gray wolf by rider.  Our boycott is to: show public outrage at the way it was accomplished, tell elected officials they have shamed us with their behavior, to hold states accountable, and let them all know that we are watching.   Corruption, wolf hysteria, blatant lies and tall tales, enough is enough!

The gray wolf has been singled out; deemed inconvenient and expendable. Congress has not only delisted, but permanently exempted gray wolves in the northwest from any future protections. This was not done with sound science, as required by law according to the ESA. It was not accomplished by open and honest debate, or even a single piece of legislation, but as governance by rider, in a must pass bill, without any judicial review. This is totally inappropriate behavior; an egregious abuse of power, and is viewed as such.

Any political entity that blatantly ignores an entire segment of the population, and abuses a trust, can not be trusted in matters of civilization, and personal importance. These actions of politicians send a message; we will return the favor. Revenue from tourism is unimportant, we'll keep our part in that. Environmental responsibility is unimportant. We will use our voices to spread awareness of the issues, and discourage everyone we know from spending tourism money in Idaho, Montana, or any other state who either; continues to show a persistent reckless concern for the gray wolf's survival, enacts inhumane hunting practices, profits from predator derbies, or proves themselves incapable of reasonable or responsible wolf management.

It seems to be money that has a voice; very well, we will vote with our dollars and informed choice and boycott all things Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, or Utah. In addition to other states to be named, if necessary, at a future date. This is to include revenues for Yellowstone/Glacier National Parks.

This is OUR voice, and the "language"  "We The People" have crafted.

Representatives aren't listening to anything else it seems, other than personal agendas. Let's see if a boycott helps the economy. There will be no revenue from this means to further the slaughter of wolves.

Wolves have been unjustly blamed for a large percentage of livestock and ungulate depredations. A recent study found that only 3 percent of all livestock losses in the northern Rockies were due to all native predators combined.

The only numbers an elected official or individual state really needs to be concerned about now, are those of the millions of registered voters/consumers whose hackles have been raised in protest, and no longer supports "their" agenda, or tolerates an economy of slaughter.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


The American People You Betrayed, and on behalf of the Gray Wolves of America

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