Boycott Smell-pollution, reduce toxic buildup in bodies

The scent in toilet paper is completely unnecessary, its not going to cover or remove any smell dealt with. Its a marketing strategy made because our consumerism always wants more, it does not matter more what. Its proven that the scent in houshold cleaners can cause headaches, allergies, asthma, and contribute to the internal toxins in our bodies. It also adds to one very underestimated air pollution....smells. Now imagine what we're doing to our bodies with the mass amounts of chemical fragrances used in household cleaners and air fresheners? Remember our bodies have to clean out everything that goes through it, including smells...ask someone with liver problems to stand around while you clean with your scented product and they'll surely get a headache, and fast. Sumed up over several years that we pass cleaning, spraying, aerosoling, and conscientiously "freshening" the air with chemicals, our bodies end up heavily toxified. It does not take that much either, remember all the things you hear about our bodies being more and more prone to harmful levels of toxins, now think about the myriad of smells you go through in one single day. Toxic bodies are a major cause of cancers, and much, much more. Read the full letter and spread awareness!
I the undersigned will be part of the reduction of artificial fragrances in household products, I will stop buying unnecessary toxins and spread awareness of this pollution . It has been scientifically proven that these fragrances are a significant part of the chemicals that build up in our bodies leading to high levels of toxins. Research has shown that toxic bodies are the cause of health problems including digestive problems, nausea, allergies, anxiety, headaches, eating disorders, body odor, low immunity, asthma, obesity, stress, skin problems, hormonal disbalances, infertility, fetal malformations, reproductive disorders, metabolic disorders, learning disorders, neurological impairment, reduced sperm count, precocious puberty, may aggravate kidney and liver problems, and area a major couse of many cancers, among many other things. Being that humans have come to nearly ignore the smells that are part of their daily life, we do not realize how many artifical fragrances we are breathing in our day to day life. Almost every one, if not all, of the products that include these chemicals do not need them. And many could be easily substituted by less harmful natural essences and extracts. I am know ready to spread the word, learn more, and be an active part of my health.
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