We need your immediate assistance in Facilitating Hope for low income citizens, Creating Jobs, providing cleaner air, Promoting Clean Water, Encouraging community supported agriculture. 

1) Contact LA Council Reps like Jan Perry, (213) 473-7009 

Copy&Paste this into your e-mail body:

Dear Elected Representative,

          There is sense of urgency currently to create a living community for LA's neglected youth. Los Angeles is the US homeless capital and ranked 2nd place in highest polluted cities.  Our window of opportunity is open now for three months to create and execute a restorative South Central Farm for LA's Foster Youth. We plan to implement one of the largest campus' for neglected youth while simultaneously utilizing as much farmland as possible.

         The former (S. Alameda and 40th st.) urban garden site is sacred to the South central farmers who cultivated it for nearly 14 years and value the earth is ideal for its capacity to produce food, preserve life, while promoting job training and opportunities through community progress. Instead of asking our government to invest in corrective measures for prostitution, crime, drugs, and violence; we propose that we invest our time and energy in this preventive measure that includes job training in creating a sustaining, living farm for neglected youth.

          Our position has become clear after recognizing the monumental value of this opportunity. Land is only as sacred as the life it restores, we urge all who are obligated by social responsibility to contribute to the overall evolution of Los Angeles' environment. The sustenance of life here on earth is threatened by the tragic local environmental and homeless issues which are now at epidemic proportions. They both can be addressed immediately with your support. Our nation is eager to see what LA has planned to fix local community problems. By facilitating L.A.'s environment and neglected youth epidemic a co operative shelters will provide all the comprehensive farming and job training needed in a practical way.

          I urge you, as my representative, to see that the 'Urban Farm' is returned to the community and specifically to L.A.'s foster youth; as this will better assist the elderly residents and their standard of living in the regal city of Los Angeles. The youth are the livelihood of the future therefore we request cooperation of all different interest groups and organization so that we may work together in creating a living community. A living community equipped with green-ecofriendly shelters, educating/job training center, and sustainable fresh produce will address Los Angeles' homeless and environment problems efficiently, head on. The farm for foster youth will encourage growing food and contributing to the restorative environment movement in LA as a daily practice.

           We are asking that our elected representatives respond with immediate support so we all may start address the root causes of our aligned priorities on one accord. Our missions responsibility is to keep the Urban Farm for Neglected Youth campaign structured 100% transparent and cooperatively organized.

          The South Central Foster Campus is essential to Vernon and to California, let alone the country.  We need educational centers for Los Angeles families to teach their neighbors and children how community development is done only through cooperation and not through competition; while simultaneously training the community how food is grown and prepared.
Our proposal is much more than a bed and breakfast foster home or shelter. We believe the need for a comprehensive farm will simultaneously produce and generate life by operating educational and job training centers for the Los Angeles community.

          You are a decision-maker who will help determine when our city addresses the homeless youth pandemic. While there is no other equivalent of a current need,  I urge you as my representative to support the proposed South Central Urban Farm for Foster Youth and ask that you request your colleagues to do the same.  The bulldozing of the Farm can now be rejuvenation in Los Angeles today!  An opportunity like this does not present itself as often as it should; I am sure you understand the capacity to help support the creation of making this practical plan a reality for LA. Thank you for your due diligence.


*  - HERE is our petition PLEASE SIGN TODAY <> for our Onebody campaign

We in response to learning that Los Angeles is the capital of homelessness request to establish a privately funded campus providing full service amenities to facilitate jobs, education and target the growing priority that is neglected children who wish to graduate high school on time and enter college at a normal rate with their peers.

By focusing on the 13,500 homeless children/students in Los Angeles on the streets without parents on any given night. We will generate jobs  throughout our campus for the local community that

Please sign this petition and tell everyone you know so the needs vote/signatures happen ASAP.

Thank you everyone!

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