Call To Investigate and Prosecute Crimes Committed by The Bush Administration

  • by: Maher Osseiran
  • target: Judiciary Committees in House and Senate and The Attorney General.

People around the world are wondering when the suffering in the name of 9/11 will end; if we don’t stand up to the criminals the answer is never. people in the millions, directly and indirectly, are victims of 9/11. The many are paying dearly for the crimes of the very few. The reader might wonder if things could get worse – The answer is yes.

It gets worse when you learn the truth; the few who have committed the serious crimes are not bin Laden and his followers. The crimes are much bigger than anything bin Laden actually committed. The few who have committed those crimes are living worry free and come from within the Bush administration and those within the Obama administration who are capitalizing on the crimes. 

If we do not prosecute those criminals, the suffering will never end.

If you have not yet read the article behind these statements, please read "Enough is Enough"
and sign this petition.

Please include as much information as you possibly can to make this petition a true actionable effort.

We the undersigned find that there is evidence that strongly points to serious crimes committed by the Bush administration that requires prosecution.

The evidence of these crimes was reached through the only authentication of the so called “bin Laden confession tape” that was released by the Pentagon on December 13, 2001.

There is evidence that the “confession tape” was a result of a sting operation conducted on September 26, 2001, run by the CIA with assistance from Saudi intelligence.

The United States had its best chance to capture bin Laden during that sting operation but opted to tape him instead. That would be dereliction of duty since bin Laden was already on the FBI’s ten most wanted list. Also, if captured, the Afghanistan war would become unjustifiable.

An attempt to capture bin Laden on November 2, 2001, failed due to a collision of what could be a Navy seal helicopter with a prototype Predator drone run by the CIA.

William F. and David S. (last name witheld in order to comply with American law) of the CIA who confirmed that the Predator drone collided with the helicopter also stated that the collision was intentional in order to sabotage the mission; an allegation worthy of investigation.

The release of the tape itself is cause for two more serious crimes listed below.

The following are the potential crimes:

1.     Murder – for each soldier and civilian killed as a result of the war on terror.

2.     Dereliction of duty – for not capturing bin Laden when they had the best chance; the night he was taped confessing.

3.     Treason – By declassifying the tape, a by-product of a failed and highly sensitive intelligence operation, to justify an illegal policy of aggression to the detriment of America’s own national security, the Bush administration, and potentially Bush himself as the only one who can declassify such material, committed high treason.

4.     Aiding and Abetting a Criminal – When Bin Laden eventually saw himself on TV confessing he realized that the taping was done by a covert camera and realized how close intelligence were to capturing him; Bin Laden would never let anyone that close again.

Your sworn duty to protect the constitution and the laws of the United States that make it imperative that you act by investigating these crimes and prosecuting the criminals no matter what levels in government they occupied.

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