car tax to solve American economy and global warming

 To President Obama,

               As concerned citizens, I am writing to you to present an idea , that I think will have duel
            benefits , or triple, both for the health of America, to decrease the budget deficit, and national
              I watched a video, 8dGodhGtI being an
            environmentalist and a bicycle enthusiast, about bicycles in Copenhagen Denmark, and it seems
            that the history of bicycle riding In Denmark started when the government increased gasoline
            taxes to 6 dollars per gallon, and car taxes to 200 percent, thereafter people there began to ride
            bicycles until they have become one third of the traffic on the roads. They have whole complete
            bike lanes that allow for passing within the lanes of one bike to another, that are safe and
            efficient means of travel.
              I think this is what we need to do here as well. Besides obviously collecting more tax money,
            for another type of sin tax, gasoline, I'm sure you don't need any ideas of how to spend the extra
            income, however I like the ideas you have for putting carbon polluter fines back into the
            environment, and we could do this as well and develop better alternative transportations and bike
            lanes on the roads of America, even make connections to railroads, and bus lines.
              Also we will reduce our dependency on foreign oil, which is the drive for the future, as oil is
            limited resource, not to mention the health of America and the world with less carbon pollution,
            less greenhouse effects, and less greenhouse gases, to reduce the greenhouse effect and global
              While this may be a hard idea to sell to the fat lazy money guzzling Americans, I'm sure that
            if enough positive attributes of the plan, are presented it could be sold, such as that it will open
            up boundless new frontiers from the pressure of the increased cost of gas to turn to alternative
            fuel sources, for new technologies of cars, electric and hydrogen, it could be just the thing to
            stimulate the economy that we need , turning the coin from gas being cheaper and faster ,to
            alternative having proper research money and investments to develop and become not only
            competitive, but actually the cheaper alternative to gas, with the money from gas taxes, electric
            cars could become what gas cars cost today, so that each American whom chooses to purchase
            an alternative car will actually spend the equivalent of a gas powered car of today, and America
            will become competitive In the new market, of today, the direction the world needs to take, to
            develop alternative vehicles.
              It is the foot in the door of American technological leadership, and keeping in line with our
            dear capitalism, while Chevy trips through the doors of bankruptcy, the small business of
            alternative vehicles will sail through the doors of success, and become the new Bill Gates of

      signed below:

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