Carlos Coy Rehearing

  • by: Ricardo Martinez
  • target: Conduct a rehearing in regard to Carlos Coy's May 30, 2002 sentence.
    On May 30th, 2002 Carlos Coy (AKA rapper SPM) was given 45-years in prison and fined $10,000 on a child sexual assault sentence. The trial began on May 6th, 2002. There was no physical evidence, the trial almost completely consisted of the nine-year-old girl's testimony, in which she admitted the sexual assult may have been a dream.
    There was no strong evidence to prove he did any of the claims, and to sentence him to such a long term on that basis is unreasonable and unacceptable. The final verdict may have been strongly influenced by such a delicate crime, and anyone so sensitive to the topic should not have been allowed to be a part of the fair jury. There are also beliefs that the girls (there were 8 later claims) were just out for some money from the successful rap artist.
    If you agree this trial should be reheard -especially after the Michael Jackson case- please sign the petition. Carlos should not have to spend the next 40 years in prison, where his safety is at risk, once again, because of people's regard of the claim.
    We the undersigned are displeased with the verdict on Carlos Coy's May 30, 2002 sentence. We believe that a rehearing is in order due to modern opinions and acceptances that were not around during the time. The main reference for this being the Michael Jackson case I'm all to sure everyone is familiar with.
    Things to be considered include but are not limited to:
  1. There was no physical evidence leading to believe he sexual assaulted the accusing girl.
  2. The entire trial was almost consisted of the nine-year-old girl's testimony, in which, she even stated the whole incident may have been a dream.
  3. There was hearsay leading to believe that parents may have urged their children to claim they were sexually assaulted by Carlos Coy to get money.
  4. It isn't hard to image he would be discriminated against just because of what he was being accused of, put plainly, the jury may have been blinded by the accusation rather then paying attention to the actual content and being rational.
    Whether or not you agree with us and do instate a rehearing, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our letter.
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