Causes Need To Join Forces

Psycho-cybernetics call for a Paradym Shift

We are gathered here today…because I have a pipedream. The Tarsands Pipeline is a Trojan Horse for Terrorism. It will connect to a refinery on American soil, owned by Saudi Arabia and it will create a product shipped off to China. This will all come back to us as a toxic waste dump disguised as play toys. It is a 1500 mile long fuse going through our backyards to a carbon bomb the size of Florida. Imagine Tarsands Pipeline meets Bastrop Fire. This is a napalm scalpel that will divide this country in half. We will all try to escape into the ocean like lemmings swimming to Cuba. We do not have the ability to stop it from leaking into the aquifers and we do not have the ability to put out the fire. The collateral damage is ours. Dispersants are not going to cover this up. Tarsands Pipeline is the last straw.

Oil business is founded on death from the Dodo birds to the whales boiled down into train oil. If you work for this business then you are a puppet to genocide. The owners have only one unashamed priority and that is to have as much money and power as possible right up to the end of human existence. There is a choice: Nuclear/Oil Slaves or Nature/Loving Farmers.

          Causes need to join forces! Cannabis prohibition needs to end immediately for: industrial, medical, and recreational use. Decriminalize and control it like alcohol because it is a neuroprotectant. Swedish University has released a study confirming Jack Herer’s marijuana biomass energy plan is legitimate and the solution for organic power is right under our noses.

          That is why marijuana is illegal.  Archeological artifacts date cannabis domestication back to the beginning of civilization. We have cannabinoids receptors in our DNA. Henry Ford built a fleet of 40 cars that were made from hemp fibers and ran on hemp fuel. He was in direct competition with Rockefeller and DuPont to supply chemicals and energy. That is when Anslinger stepped in with brainwashing propaganda and designed the racist incarceration complex that flourishes in this country and around the world. American business is rape, pillage, and plunder. This is capital war.

          It is my maternal and patriotic duty to share the miracle band aid that will cure all of the world’s booboos. Cannabis will save the planet. It phytoremediates pollution including: toxic heavy metals and radioactive elements from the soil, and water. It photosynthesizes CO2 into O2 and filters pollution from the air and our lungs.

          Medical marijuana will end the epidemic of opiate addictions and the job security for pharmaceutical dealers. Decriminalize recreational use and we all could just get along.

          We need to eliminate all GMO’s with extinction coded into the DNA. Monsanto’s genetically modified cannabis has already adulterated the black-market supply. Welcome back Agent Orange. Vote with your money and support Organic Consumers Association.

          If cannabis was never demonized in the first place, then we would never have needed to clear cut old growth forests. We would not have needed Exxon Valdez, Chevron, Shell, BP, Long Island, Chernobyl or Fukushima.

          We need the Army Corp of Engineers to design and build a pipeline system to send us water not death.  End the risk of nuclear meltdowns caused by fire or flood by relieving flood and drought disaster areas at the same time.  We need to grow more pot everywhere. New York City can be the city center hub for Medical Growth and Industrial Growth can sweep across the country side. Roll a huge sacrificial joint and shove it into a volcano. If we hotbox the world then we can close all the holes in the ozone and all of our problems can be solved. Russia is about to have a Cannabis Boom. Why aren’t we? Cannabis is the ultimate WMP, Weapon of Mass Peace.

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