Caylee Anthony's Justice / Casey Anthony Punishment

Caylee Marie Anthony was a beautiful 2 year young child who was allegedly murdered by her mother Casey Anthony. Caylee was not only an innocent, intelligent, vibrant child; she was a gift from God. I can still hear and see her singing, talking, playing, dancing and living her life to the fullest. This could have been your child, my child. Caylee taught me about true trust, and unconditional love that a child has for there parent. Caylee's unconditional love and trust were betrayed. She did not deserve this, no child does. This gift from God, gone, as if she never mattered, but she did, she was real, she was one of our children and she was special to so many who were lucky enough to have known her and to those of us who never even met her. This beautiful baby girl had her entire life ahead of her.

Caylee was mistreated and abused by her mother in such away no parent could possibly conceive. Caylee's last minutes of her life were terrifying as Caylee watched her mommy allegedly murder her. Casey forcefully wrapped duct tape very tightly around Caylee's mouth, head and hair. A heart sticker was placed over her mouth, over the gray duct tape.  Then Caylee was forced to inhale chloroform to quite her tiny voice, to knock her out, to kill her. Her precious little body was thrown into a trunk. Caylees dead body remained in this trunk for several days, while Casey partied and danced on a bar and pole. Eventually, Caylees lifeless body was placed in several bags, a laundry bag, and plastic bags. Her favorite blanket and some toys were thrown in with her. Days went by before Caylee would be disposed of. She was finally thrown out like garbage to the side of the road in a wooded area. Caylee was so much more then this, she deserved so much more then what she got in her short life on earth. Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee, is charged with Caylee's murder and thus far, the evidence proves Casey's guilt.
Florida Death Penalty Code Section 775.082, 782.04(1); 921.141; 922.07; 922.10 et seq.; 921.142; 922.08    
According to Florida State the Death Penalty should be issued to the person/persons who commit, Capital felony the person committed a  felony using or threat of violence; the capital felony was committed while defendant was engaged in, was an accomplice, in commission of or attempt to commit or flight after committing or attempt to commit aggravated child abuse, aggravated abuse of a disabled or elderly person, kidnaping, capital felony for purposes of avoiding lawful arrest or effecting escape from custody; capital felony especially heinous, atrocious or cruel; premeditated homicide; victim of capital murder was less than 12 years old.
We The People, believe Casey Anthony should receive the death penalty as the premeditated murder against her own daughter Caylee Anthony (who was less then 12 y.o.a.), was a calculated and a premeditated murder. Clearly collection of supplies and ingredients made by Casey Anthony proves that, i.e. Casey researched chloroform, neck breaking, duct tape from the Anthony home. Furthermore, Casey Anthony's coverup and destruction of evidence; Casey cleaned out her trunk were her dead daughters body lay, Casey initially tried to bury Caylee in their backyard and then moved Caylee's body, she blamed Zaneida Gonzalez (Zanny the Nanny), she blamed Jesse Grund, Casey lied to Police Officers on everything.

Casey Anthony is no different from those on Florida death row like, John Couey, Tiffany Cole, Aileen C. Wuornos (She was executed 2002), Freddie Hall, Jacob Dougan, Omar Loureiro, Willie J. Hodges, Roy P. Ballard.

We The People, are asking for the death penalty to be issued against Casey Anthony for the  heinous, atrocious and cruel; premeditated homicide, made against Caylee who was less than 12 years old.

The Undersigned,

Diane T. Gaugler
Joel R. Gaugler Sr.
Joel R. Gaugler Jr.
Danielle C. Gaugler
Jeffrey W. Althouse
Carrie J. Althouse
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