Change Columbus Day to Native American day

Here we are again as Americans celebrating Columbus Day.  By now most Americans know that,  Christopher Columbus was not  the First European to explorer the Americas.  He actually thought he was in India, hence Indians.  Before Columbus their were Vikings explorers, where there is actual evidence of them being here way before Columbus and so many others.  So, why are we still celebrating him as if he did something special.  You can't discovered something, if it already inhabited. We have parades, banks and schools closed.  A federal holiday for what?  If, Columbus did indeed discovery America, why isn't called Columbia!!
As Americans we need to finally join together and put and end to the falsehood.  Columbus day needs to be change to Native America Day.  Native Americans have been in North America for over 10,00 years and yet we still forget that fact.  We  as Americans can do better than that, by honoring the original people of this land with a national holiday.  So, many of us have forgotten about this rich and vibrate culture.  The trials and tribulations they have gone through and yet they still survivor. Let Native Americans know we haven't forgot about them and we thank them.  Let's change the first Monday of October from Columbus day to Native American Day.  Make that day worth celebrating.  They deserve and so do we as Americans!!!    Honor Natives across the United States it's long overdue!!!  We can make it happen!!!
Dear President Obama,
                                              We as Americans would like a to change Columbus day to Native American Day.  A reflection on who are the original inhabitants of America.  Many explorers across the Atlantic searching for a country they thought  was India or China, little did they know there was already a colorful national of people here.  We as Americans have forgotten about them and leave a small place in history for them.  There are many contributions to America from Natives.  As one of the most diverse countries in the 21st century not to honor them is a disgrace to everyone, especially them.  Let us not forget about them, although its seems we have as a nation.   Let this country restore honor to Native Americans once again, by changing Columbus day to Native American Day.  A holiday worth celebrating!!!! 
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