Citizen Plan for a Renewable Energy Economy

Citizen Plan for a Renewable Energy Economy For The Accomplishment of: Economic Victory Over The E.U., Respectable Defeat of Terrorism and Environmental sustainability
We the undersigned citizens hereby set forth a proposition to win back respectable economic & political position among the nations by way of an 'Apollo' based effort toward a renewables based infrastructure. We specifically request a more proactive leadership role be undertaken towards hydrogen-based economy because of the apparent power yielding & environmental benefits of this technology. The mission of this petition is to more fully utilize national economic & conscious capital to turn %u2018apparent%u2019 into actual. The hydrogen fuel cell is a technology, which is already in beta test phase amongst our economic competitors in some European states. The European Union continues to defeat us in economic battle after battle. Our once proud dollar continues to shrink & with it, so does our national sovereignty. Myself (Author of this petition) has found himself repeatedly beaten in the quest to attain ownership of a home (the so called American Dream) as Europeans continue to buy up the best potentiated real estate in the very state governed by the President%u2019s brother. Our weak dollar is allowing our beautiful, spacious skies & amber fields of grain to be bought out from under us as European economic strength grows because of their investment in technologies of the future as we seem to be continually intent on powering an internal combustion engine technology from the turn of the century (that's the 20th, century, not the 21st for those of you keeping score. This quest to rely on old, dirty technology has yielded a trinity of sorrows that we can no longer bear if we are to continue as the sovereign nation our forefathers created for our life, liberty & happiness. The environmental problem of the petroleum economy shall not be covered here in any detail, as our current leaders seem almost completely insensitive to this global problem, so lines shant be wasted on that subject. The latest public announcement on the drive to drill into the Anwar preserve just days before our so called "Earth Day" is an insulting reminder of how little regard our leaders have for our shared, God given biosphere. This is in full light of the U.S. Geological Survey estimates that the wildlife preserve may only hold a 6-month supply of oil. This shortsighted drilling plan risks permanent damage to one of the few places on the planet that is left in a condition set forth by its creator. May God have mercy on our souls for what we have done to this once pristine garden in the name of the almighty for the sake of a G.N.P. despite the costs to the natural resource base which is the basis for all human wealth. This petition however is not to point, blame & preach, but to lay out a business plan for this country to assume it's once proud position as the envy of the nations rather than the scorned butt of international jokesters who seek our economic, agrarian & spiritual vitality. It seems pointless to appeal to ecological sensibility in the current cultural climate of secular materialism, so we hereby appeal to the future contents of what seems to drive this country%u2019s citizens & leadership. We appeal to the pocketbooks of an obsessive-compulsive consumer culture. Sancta Trinitata de petroleum Please excuse my high school latin. See the accompanying editorial on this petition for what I call %u201CThe sacred Trinity of The Oil Era%u201D %u2013 The first evil is the current partial poisoning of everyone%u2019s shared & unalterable life needs which left unchecked will totally destroy the earth & every biological entity on it. Luckily, it looks like we will run out of oil before we have a chance to totally fall ourselves by our own hand.. (or should I say, fall ourselves by our own lead foot & NASCAR loving lust for horsepower. The second evil of the petroleum trinity is that it feeds our enemy the very ammunition it fires at us. The third evil positions our corporations for defeat through failure to move beyond outdated, albeit currently profitable (to them) technology. We request our Commander In Chief use his good ole' boy Texas oil connections to lead our oil companies to see that they, with their economic power, have the pole position to corner the Hydrogen technology market before the Europeans, the Chinese or the Russians do. Right now the tiny nation of Iceland has us technologically & economically beat in this race to empower the future industries of the planet. As Americans we have been raised to abhor defeat & we ask why our leaders are allowing us to be beaten so badly. We ask our oil industry to look to the wind energy example at G.E to see how they are cornering that market & laughing all the way to the bank while winning back the respect & hope of 'We The Consumers%u2019. (See my article at for an example of how a corporation can reinvent itself to corner the burgeoning renewable energy market. We the undersigned see that the current energy bill gives multinational corporations like B.P. certain rights & profits over our sovereign territory. We see them lie to consumers through an advertising campaign that claims they are %u201CBeyond Petroleum%u201D as they wait in the shadows to drill Anwar. G.E%u2019s massive moves in wind energy development go uncovered by our multinatioanally owned corporate media broadcasters. Why does it take a tiny web publishing company like mine (The Conscious Consumers%u2019 Network) to scoop the news media with a story I did on G.E.%u2019s single-handed effort which re-positioned the U.S. as a rising global leader in Wind energy production while the rest of the media & sadly, media consumers, remain too distracted by the anxieties of a country at war & in economic decline to notice. We, as true patriotic American 'uniters' (not dividers), are willing to support the administration of any political party that can lead us back toward the promises of our forefathers. We the undersigned see ourselves, not as rightists, leftists, environmentalists or 'ists' of any feather. We are Americans who believe in & are still in love with the American dream, with freedom, with liberty, with justice, with non-violence, with our children, with our creator. The only ists we may be are futurists. We seek the future of our children & your children & all innocents who will have to bear the brunt of our legacy. We do not want our children born into economic or environmental slavery. The undersigned submit not only their signatures, but a plan for an %u2018Apollo-like%u2019 effort to reach not the moon, but a place much more important at this juncture in our history. If I know my history, then when JFK said this country could go to the moon & do it within 10 years, he upset many in the political & scientific communities who claimed it could not be done. But the gauntlet was thrown, the challenge made, the tax dollars & the will & conscious capital of the nation was lead behind this noble quest. The best & brightest rallied together, & by God we did it. I want someone to tell me why & how building a hydrogen or similar type of integrated sustainable energy economy that does not give money to our sworn enemies would be harder or more expensive than that heroic, quest to reach the moon. We had the heroic, leadership, we had the will, & the greatest adventure in history was undertaken & the day won. America won the hearts & minds of the world not by fear an intimidation, but by ingenuity, moxie, & bravery. We are aware that changing national energy infrastructure would take taxpayer will. Money would have to be taken from things like finding new ways to blow people up & drill things up, & corporate demagogue cabals would ruffle, lobby & threaten our two party system with campaign fund withdrawal. We the consumers know they're really running the show anyway, since campaign finance reform seems to have been little more than a band-aid on an open dyke. So as a dirty industry rebels at the thought of their economic thrones being rattled... bomb builders & oil drillers would have to take notice & do some thinking & some real work, rather than resting bloated bellies on even fatter fortunes which were wrung from the earth & now from the weakening lungs of infants being brought onto an increasingly chemically adulterated planet. But we ask not for vengeance or the economic ruin of an industry that has for the most part given consumers what they have gladly paid for. We love our automobiles & wish to see them changed, not done away with. We see that these very oil drillers & bomb builders are in position to corner these new markets & build new fortunes from sources that would provide not only earthly wealth, but the wealth of the sound sleep of a clear conscience that they will then be able to bring before our creator. For what fortunes are made here not only affect where & how we sleep at night, but where we will sleep in eternity. The undersigned request this leadership, this promise for the American future, & submit an outline of a plan that may be followed by our political, corporate & scientific leaders to accomplish this quest in the form of an article from the April 2003 issue of Issue of wired magazine that we will deliver to The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500, & each of our respective congressmen & senators. Readers; see links at end of petition to contact your senators & representatives. We the undersigned demand that our dollar be given a fighting chance against the Euro before our land legally disappears from below us without a shot being fired. At least this will be the first bloodless & thereby truly just war in which we are beaten not by being mowed down but by being outwit by leaderships who choose to look to the future rather than rest on fortunes of the past. May our best brains prevail before the purple mountains majestic carpet is pulled out from under us. We see much leadership in the protection of corporations. We know that American business needs to stay healthy & competitive, but not at the expense of the future & the creation of a culture of fear which seems to be making us into a third world country of servants rather than the bread & technology basket of the world. We could own the patents that would make the rest of the world happily follow & pay us. The undersigned prefer this over a culture of fear which lends favor to the upper 1% of wealth. We the undersigned ask the current administration to look to one of the finest examples of success in the ruling administration%u2019s party. Theodore Roosevelt, like our current president, was a man from a family of privilege. However he recognized that the power of the few would mean the downfall of the many & the destruction of the nation he swore before God to defend & uphold. Will our current leadership continue a blind support for a multinational corporate culture for fear of their economic legacy? Remember whom you will ultimately answer to as decisions are made to take away the legal rights of the poor to support a war that they disproportionately spill their blood in (see current Medicaid rulings & the economic demographics of the average soldier), to wage war, & destroy that which man did not create, nor re-create. You are our current leaders, but ask yourselves whom you really represent through you actions. All is being noted in eternity. Words & religion are meaningless before the God of creation. Only action is counted.
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