Cry Out for the Cats of Cyprus!

 Cats and dogs live on the streets of Cyprus, just like in most countries of the World. Unfortunately most common way to control the population is to poison them. Poisoning and killing a cat is illegal, but the police do nothing if people goes for help. 
The Government do not or give just very little money for Animal Shelters, they hardly can feed their animals, they beg for donation and they can not take more animals!
 People from the Government try to stop animal lovers, who feed the cats or dogs. They tell: "we do not want to see them here"!
 We beg you: if you do not want to see them on the street do something! Do something humane! Do not let the cats and dogs die on the street with no help! Do not poison them! Do not let people to poison them!!!
 In the years what we spend in Cyprus tortured cats have died in our hand, sick cats have died in our hand, just because we could not find them help. Just because there is no help for them!
 We have seen cat hit by car or motorbicycle on the side walk on purpose!  We have seen and when we tried to do something we had to go from there because they threatened us. Till we got help and went back a dead cat lied on the side walk!
 We have seen kitties in the garbage, who somebody throw there to die!  
 We have seen people to teach their dogs to catch and kill cats!
 We have seen so many horrible things to happen to the cats!
 Now we want to see good things, too!
 We want to see more shelters!
 We want TNR - Trap, Neuter, Return - programs!
 We do not want to see the cats and dogs on the street either, but we do not want to poison them! We want to fix the problem in human way! How has to be fixed!
 We - animal lovers - pay the food and medicine for the animals on the street from our own pocket! And most of us is not rich! We have problem to pay our bills, but we try to save as many animals as we can! And the Government do nothing! Why?
 Why we are forced to see animals to die on the street? Why we have to live with this every day?
 Cry out to the government of Cyprus to stop the senseless killing!
 Cry out to the government of Cyprus to listen to the hearts of it's citizens!
 Cry out to the government of Cyprus to try TNR!

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